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The South Australian Museum brings you the Sprigg lecture series: The Didjeridu: an Australian icon

Tuesday 28 March
6.00 pm – 7.00 pm
South Australian Museum
North Terrace, Adelaide

Professor Aaron Corn is Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) and National Centre for Aboriginal Language and Music Studies (NCALMS) at the University of Adelaide. He is an ethnomusicologist with more than two decades of experience working with Australian Indigenous communities on cultural survival initiatives, and has held multiple Australian Research Council grants and fellowships. He is the author of many publications on Indigenous music, heritage and knowledges, and has produced numerous tours and concerts for Indigenous performers at major venues and festivals.

Tickets are selling fast. Register via Eventbrite today!

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project everest

Project Everest is currently seeking applications from students in the Faculty of Arts, in their second or third year to partake in our social venture internship, while gaining accreditation for a third year elective.

Project Everest is an organisation that believes in harnessing the power of business and enterprise to help solve social issues in some of the world’s most challenging environments. We work with committed and passionate students from a range of disciplines who, over 4 weeks in the university breaks, continue the development of our social enterprises.

By taking part in one of these projects, based on the sustainable development goals, you will have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded students from a range of faculties and universities interstate regarding access to clean drinking water, agricultural finance and resources, waste management and more, as our key drivers of impact are that on the individual, the community and cross-cultural links. Our projects are running July 2017, December 2017, January 2018 and February 2018 in Cambodia, Timor-Lesté, Malawi and Fiji.

If you’re interested in not only having a positive impact on communities in need but also developing your leadership, innovation and teamwork abilities while gaining vital experience for any future career then follow the link below and apply!


Further information from: ryan.white@student.adelaide.edu.au

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Daniel McLean profile

At the beginning of my Bachelor of Arts, I knew nothing about Classics.

I thought that Seneca was just the absurd name of a character from the Hunger Games, that the Iliad was a tale about a horse, and that Xerxes the Great was a towering fiend, draped with jewels, and jaded by flattery, who strutted about his palace completely naked except for his loincloth. (This was after all how Hollywood had presented him in the film 300.) I started my degree as a complete novice in Classics. I finished with a profound appreciation for the ancient world and a greater understanding of the origins of Western culture and civilisation. After a few years, I could read plays and poetry in Latin; recall the stories from great lives recorded in the annals of history; value the flourishes of rhetoric that, in moments of great passion, flowed from the mouths of ancient orators; and finally understand the classical allusions that saturate all English literature.

The Classics Department’s academic staff built a healthy rapport with students. Generous with their time outside classes, and eloquent in the delivery of their lectures, they guided us down the roads of history, with the kind of charity of wit that made our studies as amusing as they were fascinating. There was always some stuffy Latin writer to be made fun of. At other times, lecturers drew winsome comparisons, often offhandedly, between current affairs and the historical subjects that we were studying. Their erudition was impressive, their passion was inspiring, and not a day passed in which I was not absorbed by the course of our study. The focus of each week was specific – a particular Greek tragedy, for example, or the rhapsodies of a poet – but the skills that we cultivated were of general and enduring value. These skills were to think critically, read scrupulously and argue formidably.

Studying a Classics major has given me many skills that have been useful in life after university. Soon after I finished my degree, I found a job in the public service, working as a trainee clerk at Parliament House. Word had quickly spread through the offices there that I had studied Classics, and the news that I had learnt Latin intrigued and impressed everyone like a good party trick. A few people even asked me to translate some mottos. But I soon found that studying the Classics also had great practical value. Several semesters of being enrolled in Latin, as part of my Classics major, cultivated my understanding of language in such as way that everything that I write at work, which includes letters to constituents and emails to staff, is in some way influenced by it. Classics courses certainly helped me to develop my written communication skills, which all employers desire. Those same courses also made me a better reader and thinker. Whenever I’m given a research task now, my approach is cogent and methodical, and I find myself carefully scrutinising the material that I find. One of the subjects that I pursued in a research project under the supervision of staff was the art of rhetoric, because I wished to find out why some speeches were better than others. In the course of this study, I learnt many things that will help me in the public service. My understanding or rhetoric and speeches could, as I hope it will, lead me to writing speeches for politicians.

– Daniel McLean, Bachelor of Arts Graduate

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developing nation

Applications are closing soon for the August 2017 intake of ACICIS’ Gadjah Mada University-based semester program. The Development Studies Immersion Program (DSIP) closes on 15 March 2017. Grants are available from the ‘New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant’. For more information, and to find out how to apply download the information flyer. For information on other available programs, […]

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The History of Science, Ideas and Technology Group inc. invite you to their March meeting: Meteror Jets in Korea compared to the Mustang, Sabre and MiG 15 Speaker: Bob Macintosh Monday 20 March at 7.00 pm Ira Raymond Room Barr Smith Library, Level 3 opposite the entrance from the bridge Gold coin donation, all welcome […]

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ben book

Julien Duvivier is the first ever English-language study of the French director Julien Duvivier (1896-1967), once considered one of the world’s great filmmakers. It provides new contextual and analytical readings of his films that identify his key themes and techniques, trace patterns of continuity and change, and explore critical assessments of his work over time. […]

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Get yourself ahead of the pack and apply for an Internship in Beijing with CRCC Asia? There is New Colombo Plan funding available to help get you there! Over the past 30 years, China has transformed into a dynamic, energetic and supremely confident nation powered by an optimistic population. By joining CRCC Asia this July […]

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Marina Bay 1 singapore

Interested in setting yourself ahead of the pack and applying for an Internship in Beijing with CRCC Asia? There is New Colombo Plan funding available to help get you there! Over the past 30 years, China has transformed into a dynamic, energetic and supremely confident nation powered by an optimistic population. By joining CRCC Asia […]

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wellbeing day image

Monday 20 March 10.30am – 12.30pm Napier Undercroft (in front of the Napier Building) Register your interest via Facebook. Are you unsure about your degree or choice of subjects? Are you looking for information about getting a part-time job or internship? Do you want to talk to someone about how to get help with your […]

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JUNE 7, 2012: ADELAIDE, SA. University of Adelaide Professor Graeme Hugo, who will receive an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the Queen's Birthday Honours for distinguished service to population research, pictured at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, South Australia.  (Photo by Calum Robertson / Newspix)
Contact Email: newspix@newsltd.com.au
Contact Web URL: www.newspix.com.au
Contact Email: newspix@newsltd.com.au

Professor Graeme Hugo AO was an Australian demographer, academic and geographer. He served as the Director of the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research at the University of Adelaide. He passed away on 20 January 2015. This Scholarship offers a wonderful internship opportunity working in the Higher Education team with the Department of State Development based in the […]

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