Expanding your career options, developing your expertise for your future.

Are you a registered teacher? Do you have a Bachelor’s degree? Are you a trainer, educational consultant or are you wishing to study Education to teach in a Higher Education environment? Are you considering development of your research capacity to transition into educational research?


Why a Master of Education?

The Master of Education is designed for educators who wish to strengthen their curriculum development, teaching areas and discipline study areas, or develop capabilities in educational leadership or policy management. It is also suitable for trainers, education consultants or any domestic or international student wishing to study Education to teach in a higher education environment, or develop their research capacity to transition into educational research.

Aspire to a leadership position in learning and teaching:
The Master of Education program does more than offer courses in inspiring pedagogy, Courses such as Leadership in Diverse Contexts will develop your expertise and knowledge for future opportunities.

Refresh your knowledge in your subject discipline in the Sciences or Mathematics:
This program can be tailored to include courses which will provide this learning opportunity for you, so that you can bring cutting edge expertise to your classroom.

Further inspire your students by giving your learning and teaching strategies a lift:
Elective courses such as; Indigenous Education; Educational Leadership in Diverse Contexts; Neuroscience and Education and Online Learning, develop your knowledge and expertise.

Further research a classroom or school activity:
Through the Master of Education program, the University of Adelaide can support you to undertake a Research Project by providing courses in research design and methods for the development of an in depth project which will provide valuable information to support your teaching and possibly to provide relevant researched data to support policy development for your faculty or school goals.

Program Structure

Courses in the program cover issues relevant to today’s education environment . The research component of the program requires the skills acquired in the core courses to be applied to a classroom or school problem. Students further extend their knowledge in their chosen field by choosing the topics which suit them from the list of electives.

You will find further information regarding course choices in Degree Finder: Master of Education

Study Pathways

Study pathways will be determined according to specialisations, entry points and desired exit points. Pathways will consist of suites of courses valued at: 48 units or 24 units (dependent on degree of advanced standing), to complete a Master of Education. Please refer to Degree Finder (link above) for details of advanced standing.

Career Opportunities

This program allows experienced teachers to enhance their existing qualifications and pursue senior policy, administrative and consulting roles. The program also includes the opportunity further develop their areas of expertise.

This program provides advanced career options for trainers across various industries, such as low enforcement, nursing and business, to teach in higher education, including the TAFE and university sectors, and work as education consultants.

*Please note: This program does not constitute the requirements for a recognised teaching qualification. Students who are looking to become teachers will need to complete a Master of Teaching or Bachelor of Teaching program.

How to Apply

Domestic students: Applications t the Master of Education program are made online via SATACS website:

The closing date for this option is Tuesday 03 January 2017. You are encouraged to apply without delay.

International students: For information about studying at the University of Adelaide please visit:







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Do you have a passion for Science, English, Mathematics, Languages, Geography, History, Economics or Accounting? Do you want to inspire and teach others about your chosen area of knowledge?

The School of Education at the University of Adelaide offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree pathways that are recognised for teacher registration in all states of Australia and by teacher-employing authorities overseas.

The University of Adelaide is an innovative, research-intensive university. Consequently, there is a strong connection between research and discovery and the teaching curricula. Courses are informed by the latest research findings and knowledge, meaning degrees and the topics studied are up-to-date and relevant.

Applications now closed for 2016 for Master of Teaching

Bachelor of Teaching:
The closing date for this option was Monday 05 December 2016. The institution MAY consider late applications for this course but they are not guaranteed equal consideration unless you have already submitted an application and you are adding it as a new preference. You are strongly advised to contact the institution for more information BEFORE submitting an application for this course.


Have you just completed year 12 or are you coming to study as a mature age student? If you have not completed a bachelor degree previously then the BACHELOR OF TEACHING is your pathway to your career as a Senior Secondary School Teacher.

A Bachelor of Teaching is combined with one of the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts:
    English, Geography, History, Languages, ESL, Economics, Psychology
  • Bachelor of Economics: Accounting, Economics, Business
  • Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences: Mathematics, Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

The Bachelor of Teaching double degrees enable students to develop deep discipline knowledge while studying education theory and engaging in professional placements throughout the four years of study.

Practical in-classroom experience is an integrated part of each of these degrees, starting in your first and second years with classroom observations and in your fourth year three placements that build upon your theory knowledge and allow for your hands-on development of classroom practice.

This option will close NO EARLIER than Monday 05 December 2016 but after that date it may close without notice. You are encouraged to apply without delay.


Do you have a Bachelor’s degree from an Australian University or approved International University? If yes then the MASTER OF TEACHING is your pathway to your career as a Secondary School Teacher. This program is equivalent to a standard two years of full-time study. The accelerated program is able to be completed by students in a full-time duration of 1.5 years..

This degree is suitable for those wishing to become Senior Secondary School Teachers, or those entering post-secondary educational institutions and those professions that may benefit from a study of the theory and practice of education.

Curriculum The courses taught cover issues in education such as professional practice, Learning and motivation; the social context of education; student-teacher interaction; and curriculum and assessment in the Australian context. Student undertake studies in curriculum areas related to their undergraduate qualifications and teaching specialisations and complete two full-time supervised teaching blocks in South Australian schools totalling 65 days.  In the second of your degree, students complete a significant practice-based research project.

Areas of Specialisation:  To complete the Master of Teaching program, students must enrol in tow teaching areas.

English: English, Senior English
Humanities: Geography, History, Senior History
Languages: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Modern Greek, Vietnamese,
Other Languages
ESL: English as a Second Language
Business Studies: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics
Music: Classroom Music, Instrumental Music
Information Technology: Information Technology
Mathematics: Mathematics, Senior Mathematics
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Science
Psychology Psychology

Master of Teaching: This option closed on Friday 02 December 2016.

If you would like more information regarding our accredited teacher training courses:
See Degree Finder Entry Requirements for SATAC information.

Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts Degree Finder Click Here
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Science Degree Finder Click Here
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Mathematical & Computer Science Degree Finder
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Economics Degree Finder Click Here
Master of Teaching Degree Finder Click Here



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The School of Education’s reputation as a leading teacher education provider has been reinforced by the recent successful 5-year accreditation of its teaching degrees by the state’s accreditation authority.

The Teachers Registration Board of South Australia has accredited the School’s 4 undergraduate double degree teacher education programs and its inaugural Master of Teaching program from January 2017 to 31 December 2021.

“The School of Education at the University of Adelaide has a long and proud history of inspiring teacher education. It has played a substantial role in developing educational leaders who have contributed significantly in this state, interstate and overseas. This proud tradition is being further pursued in the contemporary field of teacher education in the secondary school context,” Head of School of Education, Dr Jan Keightley, said.

“As part of the accreditation process, the School spent a significant amount of time reviewing its degrees to ensure that the teacher education courses offered are contemporary and responsive to the changing demands of the teaching profession.”

“A focus on deep discipline knowledge and sound pedagogy remains at the heart of the School’s flagship double degree programs. This is what sets us apart from others. This advantage develops our emerging professionals with the capacity to inspire their students in secondary schools,” Dr Jan Keightley added.

Students enrolled in the School of Education’s undergraduate teacher education program can choose to combine the Bachelor of Teaching with bachelor degrees in either Arts, Science, Economics or Mathematics & Computer Sciences.

The School will also offer for the first time in 2017 the Master of Teaching program which has been accredited as a qualification that enables graduates to register as teachers. This is a two-year-equivalent program which will be offered by the School of Education in an accelerated mode, enabling students to graduate after 18 months if they wish to be market-ready earlier than the standard two years.

“Our students benefit from being taught Curriculum and Methodology by current practising school teachers who are regarded highly by their peers and are active in the relevant professional associations. These Curriculum and Methodology lecturers are a key component in ensuring our relevance to contemporary secondary education,” Dr Keightley said.

“This approach ensures that our students go out into the profession equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies to become successful classroom teachers in secondary schools.”

If you would like more information regarding our  accredited teacher training courses:
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts Click Here
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Science Click Here
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Science Click Here
Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Economics Click Here
Master of Teaching Click Here

Postgraduate coursework
If you are interested in a postgraduate masters degree then the Masters of Education provides current teachers, educators and senior administrators the scope to develop their expertise and broaden their knowledge in this exciting profession.
Master of Education Click Here


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Mentor Teacher Banner

There was a distinct buzz in the air last Friday evening as award winners, family members and well-wishers gathered at the lobby of Nexus 10 Tower for the 2016 School of Education Mentor Teacher Awards ceremony. The awards gave the School of Education and our students a chance to say a heartfelt thank you to […]

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The University of Adelaide School of Education would like to invite you to the Mentor Teachers Awards Evening 2013. Mentor Teachers share their expertise and skills with our students to help them become the teachers of tomorrow. Their contribution is invaluable to the future of Education in this state. Come and celebrate as we recognise […]

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With a passion for acting and for teaching English grammar, Dr Julia Miller at the University of Adelaide in the School of Education set about creating an online resource for international students. Dr Miller says of her current work, “I’m developing a website at the moment, called ‘English for Uni’, which will be particularly helpful […]

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Being an election year, and in the wake of the Gonski Review, education will be hot on the political agenda during 2013. Higher education will very likely enter the debate also. A major focus of the Government has been, after all, to have forty percent of 25-34 year olds attain at least a bachelor’s degree, […]

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Glancing over Dr Anthony Potts‘ qualifications, which seem to span across the horizon, one gains a strong sense that this is indeed one highly educated individual. Holding two doctoral degrees and with former professional appointments at Liverpool Hope University and Newman University College, UK, plus time as a visiting scholar at Cambridge University’s Wolfson College, […]

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The Premier of South Australia, the Honourable Jay Weatherill MP, and the University of Adelaide have launched a new scholarship for an outstanding Indian teacher. The Ashok Khurana scholarship was launched today at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi. University of Adelaide Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic) Professor Pascale Quester says the Ashok Khurana […]

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The third annual School of Education Mentor Teachers Awards Evening was held on Tuesday 25th October 2012 at Rumours Cafe, University of Adelaide. Mentor Teachers share their expertise and skills with our students to help them become the teachers of tomorrow. Their contribution is invaluable to the future of Education in this state. This event […]

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