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Pint of Science is coming to Adelaide, bringing together science enthusiasts over a nice, cold bevvy. This year’s Pint of Science will feature our very own Dr Laura Weyrich.

Weyrich is an expert on ancient DNA and the original palaeo diet. Using DNA sequencing of ancient dental tar, she reconstructs diets of Neanderthals long gone. For us humans today, knowledge of the past can help us solve problems of today, especially that of our modern health crisis.

Join Weyrich at a Pint of Science on 15 May at The Wheatsheaf Hotel. Tickets are now available.

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PHD Candidate Adelaide University

Monique Smith, PHD candidate from the School of Biological Sciences for the Department of Ecology & Environmental Science Seminar Series will be presenting a seminar on understanding of the mechanisms behind restoring old-fields back into native grasslands. Title: Improving restoration outcomes for native grasslands: the importance of below-ground processes When: Friday 28th April 2017 Time: 12:10pm Where: Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre 1022 Cost: Free […]

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A big congratulations to Morgan Disspain who has been awarded the University Doctoral Research Medal ahead of the graduation ceremony later this month. During her Ph.D Morgan investigated information that could be obtained from archaeological otoliths and how reliable this information may be as a palaeoenvironmental record. Congratulations Morgan!

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Photo by Giles Hamm

Professor Alan Cooper, Director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA and Giles Hamm, PhD Candidate from LaTrobe University were interviewed on ABC RN’s Science show last Saturday (14th of April). They talked about their recent discovery of a cave which contains the first reliably dated human interaction with mega fauna, over 49,000 years ago. […]

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Studies of bones from Ice Age megafaunal animals across Eurasia and the Americas have revealed that major increases in environmental moisture occurred just before many species suddenly became extinct around 11-15,000 years ago. The persistent moisture resulting from melting permafrost and glaciers caused widespread glacial-age grasslands to be rapidly replaced by peatlands and bogs, fragmenting […]

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Black painting of bison (putative European bison, or wisent) at Grotte de Niaux (Niaux cave in Ariège, France), dated to the Magdalenian period (~17,000 years ago).
Under Creative Commons licence.

The theme of Science in the Pub this month was The Science of Ancient Australia. Two Environment Institute members discussed how their research has helped us understand the evolution of marsupials and the impact megafauna had on the ancient Australian environment. Dr Kieren Mitchell, discussed the evolution of Australian marsupials after the separation of the […]

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Invasive species cost us billions of dollars each year and pose a grave threat to native fauna and flora. New research proposes a framework to develop a global network for invasion science to stop the threat from invasive species. Published in the journal Biological Invasion, the research addresses fundamental gaps in our understanding of invasive […]

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Photo by Giles Hamm

This Saturday Giles Hamm, archaeologist and Honorary Fellow of the South Australian Museum will feature on ABC Radio National’s Science Show. Tune in to hear Giles talk about the recent discovery of the Warratyi rock shelter located in the Flinders Ranges. The rock shelter contains the first reliably dated human interaction with mega fauna, with fossils […]

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Professor Petra Marschner

Professor Petra Marschner, Soils, School of Agriculture Food & Wine at the Adelaide University will be presenting a seminar about nutrient cycling in the soil-plant systems. Professor Marschner joins us from the Waite Campus. Title: Nutrient Cycling in the Soil-Plan System Driven by Microbes and Influenced by Many Factors When: Friday, April 7, 2017 11:30am , […]

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Zoe Doubleday Sean Connell

The Environment Institute’s Dr Zoe Doubleday and Professor Sean Connell will host a workshop on scientific writing as part of the Faculty of Sciences’ Researcher Development series. Title: The Other Side of Scientific Writing: Increasing Reader Engagement and Readership When: 12 – 1pm, Friday, 21 April, 2017 Where: 213/214 Meeting Room, The Braggs Cost: Free, but bookings essential. […]

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