Guest Series: Restoring our State’s Oyster Reefs

Oysters; they’re delicious, healthy, and can get things happening in the bedroom. But there is a lot more to the humble oyster than being an enticing hor d’oeuvre. Oysters create ecosystems, clean up our pollution, protect our shorelines from storms, and can even slow the rate of climate change. Given the opportunity, oysters can provide […]

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Media Release: Australian origin likely for iconic New Zealand tree

Ancestors of the iconic New Zealand Christmas Tree, Pōhutukawa, may have originated in Australia, new fossil research from the University of Adelaide suggests.  Published in the American Journal of Botany, the research describes two new fossil species of Metrosideros, the scientific name for Pōhutukawa and related species. The fossils, found near St Helens, East Coast […]

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Guest Travel Post: Georgina Falster attends prestigious Young Scientists Meeting in Spain

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Spain to attend the Past Global Changes Young Scientists Meeting and Open Science Meeting (PAGES YSM and OSM). There were 70 people at the Young Scientists Meeting workshop, and the group consisted largely of post-doctoral researchers and some late-stage PhD students. I was delighted to find out, […]

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Media Release: New catalyst paves way for carbon neutral fuel

Australian scientists have paved the way for carbon neutral fuel with the development of a new efficient catalyst that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air into synthetic natural gas in a ‘clean’ process using solar energy. Undertaken by University of Adelaide in collaboration with CSIRO, the research could make viable a process that has […]

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What makes “ghost mushrooms” glow in the dark?

Photographers and tourists alike have been on the search recently for Omphalotus nidiformis, a type of mushroom which produces a luminescence. The mushrooms can be found in South Australia in the wetter months of autumn and winter near Mt Gambier. Professor Philip Weinstein from the University of Adelaide and the Environment Institute, says the ghost mushrooms are […]

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Tahlia Perry talks weird echidnas facts on ABC Radio

Tahlia Perry is leaping from one win to another, following her recent trip to Perth to represent the University of Adelaide and the Environment Institute at Famelab, she has been interviewed on ABC Radio NSW. She spoke to Tim Brunero about the weirdest things about echidnas, which is the subject of her PhD. She mentions […]

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Bioluminescent algae bloom on the Yorke Peninsula, Associate Professor Ivan Nagelkerken interviewed

Recently locals of Port Lincoln were delighted with a bioluminescent algal bloom, the species that produces this wondrous event is called Noctiluca scintillans or “sea sparkles”. This event occurs when optimal conditions arise, which includes high nutrient content in the water and warm temperatures. Marine ecologist and Environment Institute member Associate Professor Ivan Nagelkerken was interviewed by […]

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Population growth in South Australia “is good, is strong”, says State Government

Associate Professor Alan Gamlen, Director of the Hugo Centre Migration and Population Research was interviewed in the Advertiser recently. The article covered the reaction and political discussion population growth in response to a Deloitte report said SA needed to double its rate of population growth or face dire consequences. The Government said the population growth rate […]

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The Goyder Institute Water Forum is back!

The Goyder Institute for Water Research will host its Water Forum on the 4th and 5th of July 2017. The event will showcase South Australia’s water expertise across a range of disciplines and sectors, while celebrating the exceptional achievements of the Goyder Institute for Water Research. Held at the University of Adelaide, the conference will deliver a range […]

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Guest Post: Tahlia Perry talks about her experience representing the University at FameLab

Did you know that eating a small amount of honey everyday can improve your gut health, Zebra Finch embryos can hear their parents  and some native plants are pollinated by birds and mammals instead of bees? These are some topics tackled FameLab which I was invited to attended in April in Western Australia. Communicating science is […]

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