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Climate adaptation webinar coming to computer near you

The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility are hosting a series of webinars to tackle issues in climate adaptation. Each webinar will feature two experts, and provide an opportunity for you, the viewer, to ask questions and join the discussion online. The webinars are free, but registrations is recommended: Trade, Aid and Tourism Under Climate Change […]

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Cryptic but important genetic differences within species

As Charles Darwin noted, the physical differences between individuals of a species are  important for their future survival and success (or not). However there are also many not so obvious differences (known as cryptic variation) between individuals that give us important insights into the evolutionary and ecological history of a species. This information is important for how we make use of […]

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Biodiversity Brief Issue 1 out now!

Conserving biodiversity and dealing with the effects of climate change are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today. Species are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, while entire ecosystems are collapsing due to biodiversity loss or the inability of species to cope with a changing climate. But there are actions that can be taken […]

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SA Climate Change Adaptation Showcase

The South Australian Climate Change Adaptation Showcase will be held on Thursday 14th March 2013. You will hear the latest in climate science and also how practitioners from around South Australia are working at the local level to determine the best response for their region. Environment Institute members Professor Andy Lowe, Professor Wayne Meyer and […]

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