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Widespread Media Coverage for “Dinosaur eating frog”

The Scientific Reports article on the bite force of the extinct Horned Frog dubbed Beelzebufo has received worldwide media attention over the weekend. These results were gained from a model based on the South American horned frogs from the living genus Ceratophrys, and scaled to the large Madagascan extinct frog. These results indicate the Beelzebufo […]

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Media Release: Bite force research reveals dinosaur-eating frog

Scientists say that a large, now extinct, frog called Beelzebufo that lived about 68 million years ago in Madagascar would have been capable of eating small dinosaurs. The conclusion comes from a study of the bite force of South American horned frogs from the living genus Ceratophrys, known as Pacman frogs for their characteristic round […]

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Guest Post: 150 Years Not a Lizard

This month marks 150 years since the iconic New Zealand tuatara was recognised to be the only living member of a distinct reptile lineage entirely separate from lizards and snakes. Albert Günther, a zoologist was the first to recognise that the tuatara could not be grouped under the classification of “lizard”. His detailed anatomical description […]

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