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Media Release: Megafaunal extinctions driven by too much moisture

Studies of bones from Ice Age megafaunal animals across Eurasia and the Americas have revealed that major increases in environmental moisture occurred just before many species suddenly became extinct around 11-15,000 years ago. The persistent moisture resulting from melting permafrost and glaciers caused widespread glacial-age grasslands to be rapidly replaced by peatlands and bogs, fragmenting […]

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Our next gen “Attenborough” filming new doco

It’s not every day that a film crew shows up to showcase your latest scientific discovery, but for Liz Reed, that’s exactly what happened. A new documentary by The Discovery Channel is following research by Liz Reed, fellow at the Environment Institute. Reed, along with collaborators University of Adelaide and the University of New England, made sensational fossil […]

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Podcast: Who Dun It? Us

Join Ewart Shaw from Radio Adelaide on his show Orbit, as he talks with the Environment Institute’s Dr Frederik Saltre. Dr Saltre takes us back to the days of the megafauna – those almost-mythical Australian creatures that were like up-scaled versions of kangaroos, wombats and emus. The evidence is stacking up that humans were the cause […]

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Media release: Climate not to blame for megafauna extinction in Australia

New research led by the University of Adelaide has found no relationship between sixteen megafauna extinctions in Australia and past climate change, suggesting humans were having negative impacts on the ecosystem as long as 55,000 years ago. In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, Dr Frédérik Saltré, from the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, and colleagues […]

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