The University’s Interdisciplinary Humanitarian and Development Solutions Initiative (HSDI), was officially launched on Monday 22 May 2017.

The launch event and the Initiative were both designed to highlight how researchers from every discipline can contribute to solving problems in the humanitarian and development space. The HSDI will be a hub of collaboration between researchers from many fields to offer solutions to communities in need.

Every day billions of people face a lack of clean water, sufficient food, medicine, education, and employment. These are issues that a number of researchers including us in the Centre for Global Food and Resources are passionate about alleviating or even solving. However, we, like researchers in engineering, health, medicine, and many other fields recognise we could do this better or with greater impact if done in a multi-disciplinary team. The crowd at the launch of the HSDI recognised that everyone in academia has ideas and wants to solve problems and multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research is increasingly needed to achieve this.

Professor Tami Bond, University of Illinois gave a key presentation at the launch event highlighting the achievements, future prospects and uses of innovative thinking.

Professor Tami Bond, University of Illinois, gave a key presentation at the launch event highlighting the achievements, future prospects and uses of innovative thinking.

At the Centre for Global Food and Resources we are excited by the HSDI and the opportunities it presents to us to collaborate with researchers in other fields to have the greatest impact in our local and global community.

The launch event was hosted by the HSDI Director, Dr Christian Birzer and included a key presentation from Professor Tami Bond who was visiting from the University of Illinois and a panel discussion featuring six University of Adelaide academics:

  • Prof. Tim Cavagnaro (Director Soil Ecology Research Group)
  • Mark Hutchinson (Director, Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics)
  • Prof. Paul Medwell (Co-director, Humanitarian Technology Research Group)
  • Vivienne Moore (Co-director, Life Course and Intergenerational Health Research Group)
  • Prof. Melissa Nursey-Bray (Head of Department in Geography, Environment and Population)
  • Prof. Wendy Umberger (Executive Director, Centre for Global Food & Resources)
Professor Wendy Umberger, Director of the Centre of Global Food and Resources participated in a panel discussion at the launch.

Professor Wendy Umberger, Director of the Centre of Global Food and Resources, participated in a panel discussion at the launch.

This post was prepared by Ms Nikki Dumbrell, Research Associate at the Centre for Global Food and Resources.

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Professor Mike Young is Professor of Environmental and Water Policy with The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources today announced a climate sharing system to end our power crisis.

The system will transform a National liability into a National asset.

Professor Young played a leading role in creating Australia’s water sharing system which is now internationally regarded as global best practice.  He says the water sharing model is easily adaptable to our current energy needs.


Details of the climate sharing system were announced by Professor Young in front members of Rural Media South Australia on Monday 22 May 2017 in Adelaide, Australia.

Watch this short video that provides an overview about Climate Sharing System.

For more details about the Climate Sharing System download Professor Mike Young’s document.

View the media release


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Last week, a celebration event was held in memory of Dr. Susan Nelle. The Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) researcher, Rohan Yargop, reflects on the event below.

Susan was a champion for promoting local food and wine and it was fitting that her colleagues and friends gathered to remember and celebrate her life at the iconic Adelaide Central Market to recognise Susan’s significant contribution to the South Australian food and agriculture industry. Susan arrived in Australia in 1989 and spent more than two decades working and making her mark in the food and agriculture industry development space in her roles in with the state, federal Governments and with Universities in Tasmania and South Australia.

The event commenced with a welcome address by MC and the chairman of Adelaide Central Markets Authority, Nick Begakis who welcomed everybody. This was followed by a selection of people from industry, government, and academia narrating their experiences and memories of the time they had spent with Susan throughout the years.

SN01Maurice Crotti, CEO of San Remo and inaugural chair of Food Adelaide spoke about the time when Susan arrived on the food scene in South Australia around the same time the Premier’s Food Council was first established. Maurice spoke about the pivotal role Susan played in establishing the group Food Adelaide and forged connections between industry and government that have been significant in growth and development of the state.

She was fabulous.She was fabulous because she came with the knowledge that really it was all about government and industry working together. Maurice Crotti, CEO, San Remo

SN1Caroline Schaeffer former Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries and convener of the Premier’s Food Council, spoke about her experience of working with Susan from thegovernment’s perspective and about their lifelong friendship that formed as a result of working together. She spoke about how Susan overcame difficulties in building connections between the industry and government. Caroline also spoke about the friendship between her and Susan and cherished memories about their time together. Caroline spoke fondly about Susan’s love and passion for Football and Port Adelaide and the fact that Susan was one of the very few Americans who came to love and enjoy Cricket.

Susan did nothing by halves. Susan was the person who built trust between the industry and government and South Australia was the big winner in that and that idea and reputation has continued till today. That is Susan’s legacy. Caroline Schaeffer

SN2Margaret Lehmann spoke about Susan’s passion for the development of Regional South Australia. She remembered Susan’s amazing skills in decluttering bureaucratic pathways in getting things done for the small and medium businesses in the regions.

I have Susan’s image in my mind like of a surfer, waiting to catch the wave, perfectly poised on top and then ride that energy wave on the ground; that was her amazing skill. Margaret Lehmann

SN3Prof. Wendy Umberger from GFAR spoke about working with Susan in the last leg of Susan’s career post 2014. Wendy remembered with great joy how Susan was incredibly popular with students at the University and how she was an inspiration for not only students but also everyone working in the team.

Susan had a great impact on whoever she worked with including myself. She had an incredible belief and pride in this industry and in South Australia. Prof. Wendy Umberger

SN4Merrill Orr, Susan’s sister thanked everyone on the behalf of the Nelle family. She read out a message sent out by Margot Nelle, Susan’s daughter thanking everyone in South Australia for the love they have shown to Susan over the years.

Thank you everyone for embracing Susan. She was incredibly proud of what she achieved for the South Australian food industry. Merrill Orr, Susan’s sister.

To honour Susan’s incredible contribution to South Australian food industry and the community a Churchill Fellowship in her name has been established. The goal of this fellowship is to raise funds to offer this Fellowship once a year over the next four years to give South Australians an amazing opportunity to follow their passion and travel the world to investigate new and innovative ways to advance our food and beverage industry. Anyone interested in making a contribution to this fellowship can donate here

The Centre for Global Food and Resources would like to thank the organising committee consisting of Prof. Wendy Umberger, Craig Johns, Theo Simos, Jan Angas, Catherine Sayer and Ian Lewis for organising this event. The Centre would also like to thank the volunteers who helped in setting up and service of food and wine.

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Dr. David Adamson and Dr. Adam Loch, ARC DECRA Fellows at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, share their thoughts on the Federal Budget 2017 and what it means for the Snowy Hydro Scheme.   Well, Tuesday night’s Federal Budget (here) raised the possibility that the Federal Government would buy out NSW and VIC share […]

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Dr. David Adamson, Senior Research fellow at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, shares his private submission to the ‘Review of Australia’s climate change policies’. The discussion paper can be found here and Dr. Adamson’s submission is shown below. Submission to the Review of Australia’s climate change policies By David Adamson[1] The document is highly […]

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Dr. David Adamson, Senior Research fellow at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, shares his thoughts on plain packaging, Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) and trade.   Recent developments to encourage economic integration via international agreements (these are not free trade deals) often include a clauses allowing for the ISDS process to be included. […]

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Congratulations to recent Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) PhD students, Dr. Juliane Haensch and Dr. Suprehatin, who graduated with their PhDs last week! Congratulations also to Duc Nguyen who is a current GFAR PhD student and graduated with his Master’s of Global Food and Agricultural Business! Professor Wendy Umberger, Executive Director of GFAR, […]

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Dr. David Adamson, Senior Research fellow at The Centre for Global Food and Resources, shares his view on the Australian government’s proposed education cuts. With budget time fast approaching, the leaks, fears, and work-shopping ideas in the media are in full swing. It has been suggested that Education is again in the cross-hairs. This time, instead of making […]

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Each month we will be asking one of our researchers to provide an insight into their research. This month Dr Daniel Gregg is our Researcher in Focus. Daniel joined the GFAR team in January this year. He comes to us from New Zealand, where he worked as a Senior Lecturer in Agri-Business at the University […]

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On 31 March 2017, the Centre for Global Food and Resources staff (Dr Adamson, Dr Loch, Associate Professor Wheeler, and Adjunct Professor Connor) made a submission to the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources, inquiry into water-use efficiency in Australian agriculture. The submission includes key comments and research that staff at the centre have […]

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