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Medical Sciences Dr. Ian Musgrave has had an article published in the latest “Chemistry in Australia” on the toxicity of tattoo inks. Allergy and infection are two causes for caution when contemplating a tattoo. But are tattoo pigments toxic, and do they increase the risk of cancer?

Read the article at Chemistry in Australia November 2014



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Congratulations to Viythia Katharesan in becoming the recpient of two awards from the recent Postgraduate Research Expo at the Adelaide University Wine Centre.

The awards were awarded for her PhD project on the role of ageing on motoneuronal survival. Her results may help explain why treatments for Motor Neurone Disease have failed so far. The two awards were:

1)    School of Medical Sciences Prize $250 for research/travel purposes

2)   John Barker Bequest Prize $500

Once again, congratulations Viythia !


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Congratulations to Tania Crotti for being the recipient of The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research grants in Aid Program.  The program provides $1 million in research funding for 20 grants of $50,000 USD to ASBMR members who have submitted a peer-reviewed grant application to a major funding sponsor and received a full review but were not funded. The goal of the grant is to allow the award recipient to continue to develop the research and strengthen the proposal for future funding.

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Congratulations to Joshua Burton and Andrea Yool for having their work featured in today’s Neurology Update.  Joshua and Andrea have discovered a way to use two compounds in a way they believe will firstly contain damage from traumatic brain injury and then assist healing. Timing is crucial for the process to work, says researcher Dr [...]

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On Tuesday 26th August our own VC took up the ALS #icebucketchallenge trending on social media with help from two of our researchers in the school. Ian Johnson and Viythia Katharesan. The VC was nominated by student Beau Brug. Ian (senior lecturer) and Viythia (PhD candidate) are researching Motor Neurone Disease (MND), also known as ALS. Two Australians per [...]

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Destination(s): •             San Diego, California; USA •             Miami, Florida; USA This year, I was a lucky recipient of the School of Medical Sciences HDR Travel Scholarship. This funding facilitated travel to the USA where I attended the 2014 MASCC/ISOO (Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer/International Society for Oral Oncology) International Symposium for Supportive Care [...]

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Researchers at the University of Adelaide are investigating a link between people involved in endurance sports, such as running, cycling or triathlons, and an increased risk of heart arrhythmia. South Australians currently involved in endurance sports and exercise are now being sought for the study. Research leader Dr Adrian Elliott, from the University’s School of [...]

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Congratulations to one of the school’s Honour candidates Michael De Ieso for not only receiving the Jemima Lendrum Honours Prize for Cancer Research 2014 but also the Gerald Germer Honours Scholarship for 2014. Outstanding! More info on the award can be found on the link below:    

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Muhamad Syahrul Fitri Zawawi (Shah), a PhD student with the School of Medical Sciences, supervised by A/Prof David Haynes, Dr Tania Crotti and Dr Kencana Dharmapatni (Bone and Joint Research Group, Discipline of Anatomy and Pathology), has been chosen to receive the MASCA-Monash University Sciences Excellence Award 2014. Each winner receives a trophy, certificate, iPad [...]

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Are you aged over 18 years? Are you willing to take 15 minutes to fill out an anonymous questionaire about your health and other background information and provide a saliva sample for genetic testing ? This study is being conducted at the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Pharmacology. This study has been approved by the [...]

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