The Centre congratulates NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow Dr Camille Short and co-investigators on being awarded a Below the Belt Research Grant from the The Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials Group Foundation. ANZUP supports clinical trials research to improve treatment of bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancers. With the support of the Below the Belt Pedalthon, ANZUP operates the Below the Belt Research Fund to support investigator initiated studies.

Physical activity has been shown to improve both the physical and mental health of men with metastatic prostate cancer. It has also been suggested that men may be more likely to adhere to a physical activity interventions than psychological interventions, since the performance of physical activity and the outcomes associated with it (building strength and endurance) align with traditional
masculine values. However, a key challenge is providing physical activity support to men in a way that is easily accessible and affordable, while also individualised, evidence-based and safe. The Centre (Dr Short et al) recent reviewed existing websites (n = 50) offering physical activity advice to men with prostate cancer and found that most publically available sites are of poor quality; no existing sites offer comprehensive behaviour change support, or personalised information suitable for men with
prostate cancer (and especially not for those with advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.This study will address this issue by developing and piloting evidence-based physical activity advice through an innovative web-based platform.

The project team includes national investigators who are leaders in the field of exercise physiology, e-health, urology and cancer survivorship:  Professor Daniel Galvão (Co-director, Exercise Medicine Research Institute, Edith Cowan University, Perth), Prof Corneel Vandelanotte (Director, Centre for Physical Activity Studies, Central Queensland University), Dr Cynthia Forbes (Visiting Endeavour Fellow from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada),  Assoc Prof Nicholas Roger Brook (Consultant Urologist, RAH), Prof Robert Newton (Co-Director, Edith Cowan University Health and Wellness Institute, Perth), Prof Suzanne Chambers (Director of Allied Health Research, Menzies Health Institute Queensland) and Prof Gary Wittert (Director, FFCMH).

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IMG_1672-reducedThe Centre is pleased to announce that our first Men’s Health Matters podcast is now available. Thanks for listening and sharing.

Running Sheet
What you will hear In this podcast “Fitness Trackers – Wasting your waist or your money?”

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The Centre welcomes Mr Songnaith (Sonnay) Uy to the Centre.  Sonnay joined the Centre in June, as part of a Volunteer placement until tSonnayhe end of 2017.

Sonnay holds a Masters of IT (Networking & Security) from the University of South Australia.  Prior to returning to University in 2012 to change his career path, Sonnay held various corporate administration positions, in the banking and energy sectors.  His goal is to pursue a position in the humanitarian sector, something he is very passionate about.

Sonnay is based at the Centre’s AHMS Office (Level 6) and would love to hear from you if you require administrative/IT support with your research.  Sonnay is already making a difference, bringing a strong and diverse administrative and IT skill set and proficiency.  Hopefully the Centre can return the favour by providing Sonnay with some additional exposure and skills development in an executive functioning and research support environment.

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Please join us for the August Men’s Health Lunchtime Research Seminar Guest Speaker Dr Azhar Iqbal BSc(Hons), PhD (App Math) Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering whose research interests are in the areas of game theoretical modelling, quantum theory, and geometric algebra. Presentation:  Game theory and cancer. What is Game theory?  It is a […]

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Congratulations Dr Nicole McPherson and Co-Investigators Professor Michelle Lane, Professor Gary Wittert and Dr Tod Fullston, on being awarded a Monash IVF Research and Education Foundation Grant.  The $29,980 will be used to adapt the Centre’s GIRTH lifestyle modification program for a focus on reproductive health. Once developed the program will be piloted with men […]

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Please join us for the July Men’s Health Research Seminar. Please note the time change for this month’s seminar – start 2pm. Presentations are to be given by: Dr Usman Mushtaq Masters Candidate, General Physician Presentation:  Bariatric Surgery and bone health Mr Cameron Gyss Research Engagement Officer, Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health Presentation: Men’s health […]

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No better way to kick off National Men’s Health Week 2017 (MHW17) than with a public holiday – happy birthday and thank you Your Royal Highness. But seriously, it was a busy week for the Centre with press releases and members presenting at events promoting men’s health, and in doing all, promoting the important research that we […]

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We are pleased to announce that the mensHealth register managed by the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health has been launched. The launch coincided with national Men’s Health Week (June 12–18). Ensuring blokes are adequately represented in health research can be a difficult task at the best of times. The Centre hopes that the Men’s […]

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The Centre welcomes Dr Cindy Forbes, who is an Endeavour Research Fellow from Dalhousie University in Canada. Come July, Dr. Forbes will be working with Dr. Camille Short and the team at the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health to develop and evaluate an on-line exercise prescription support tool for men with metastatic prostate cancer. Cindy is […]

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Please join us for the June Men’s Health Research Seminar.  Lunch provided. Presentations are to be given by: Guest Speaker Professor Frank Grützner ARC Future Fellow, Department of Genetics and Evolution, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide Presentation: Sex, disease and the duck-billed platypus Dr Theresa Hickey and Dr Luke Selth Head of the Breast […]

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