At the end of her rural placement, this is what Caitlin has to say…

My name is Caitlin and I am currently on my rural nursing placement in Kimba, South Australia. Kimba officially opened in 1876 and was proclaimed a township in 1915. Today, the population of the township is approximately 650 people.

We traveled 475km from Adelaide and arrived to a warm welcome at the hospital, shown our dormitories and shared facilities and after eating, went to bed quite tired from the day. The next morning, we were oriented to the hospital, staff and residents. There are designated rooms for aged care residents who can no longer live alone, a palliative room for people requiring end stage care and acute rooms for admitted patients staying less than 35 days. Locum doctors will visit most days to assess and make any necessary changes to care plans. I have noticed that nurses play a vital role in the assessment providing necessary information and taking on greater responsibility as advocate for their patients due to the constant changing of medical officer. Kimba hospital has an Accident and Emergency room which works with the South Australian Ambulance Service and airport, if requiring transfer to a metropolitan area. There is one registered nurse and one enrolled nurse on each shift, therefore, when a critical patient is admitted, the staff each need to go above and beyond to complete their duties. Other health services provided in Kimba are general practice, physiotherapy, podiatry, community nursing, speech pathology, social worker, occupational therapist and aged care hostel for independent residents.

Kimba is a very friendly little town and I have loved having the opportunity to learn from the experienced nursing staff and complete skills that I normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do in Adelaide.

Iconic giant Galah of Kimba and slogan ‘Half way across Australia’

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A warm welcome to all our new students! We hope your studies have got off to a good start and you find your time with us both challenging and rewarding. Be sure to pace yourself, have fun and of course get prepared for all upcoming assessment items due. 2015 is an exciting time to be a student within the School as we embrace the formal implementation of the Small Group Discovery Experience (SGDE) across the first two years of the Bachelor of Nursing. Through the University’s Beacon of Enlightenment strategic plan, SGDE encourages students to work alongside a senior academic in the pursuit of new discovery. More information

AMNS update
With construction underway, the new Adelaide Medical and Nursing Schools Project is on target and set for completion at the end of 2016. You can watch the development unfold via the live webcams!

Staffing update
Since our last update in 2014 we farewelled Cheryl Green from the School in January. Cheryl was the Specialty Coordinator of the Master of Nursing Science (Mental Health) and the Program Coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in Addiction and Mental Health. In her place we have welcomed Pat Mead. We have some new faces in the Clinical Lecturer team, Sally-Anne Bessell, Mahasen Juaton, Chris Kastelein and Misty Rushton. We have also welcomed Rebecca Feo as the Postdoctoral Fellow. Sadly, we say farewell to Professor Charlotte de Crespigny at the end of the month who has decided it is the time to retire. Fortunately for us, both Cheryl and Charlotte will be staying on in the School as titleholders; they won’t be too far away.

Awards and Recognition
In 2014, the School ran a survey of all students seeking their insight into the relevance of the School’s traditional badge ceremony. In light of the responses and feedback the School has decided to host a smaller event than normal focused on the students receiving awards and recognition. I look forward to celebrating with these students and graduates and sharing their achievement in the next news update. For all our other graduates, you will receive your program specific badge via the post in the coming months.

Alison Kitson
Dean of Nursing
Head of School

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Ten lucky students and I were recently fortunate enough to participate in a study tour with the Hyogo University of Health Sciences.  For three weeks students enjoyed opportunities to study Japanese language, examine Japanese culture and importantly various aspects of the health care system.  From sampling Sake to wearing kimonos, to riding bullet trains the diversity of experience left many lasting impressions to both the differences and on occasion the similarities between our countries.  The similarities were perhaps most obvious in respect of health with both Australian and Japanese students finding a range of common issues to discuss.

The tour began with a generous lunch where the students were welcomed by the university president, President Baba. With an excellent orientation to the university and a comprehensive program of visits and lectures the students were eager to begin.

Japanese lessons were provided each morning for 3 hours by local postgraduate masters students who were completing training to become Japanese language teachers.  Their tuition was excellent and within a short period of time each student increased their language skills markedly.

Students also had lectures in the Japanese health care system, large scale disaster response, maternity and childbirth and nursing education. Lectures were presented in English and students quickly appreciated the time and effort that the lecturing staff took to practice and translate their lecture content.

The first off site visit was to Himeji, a sister city of Adelaide, with the highlight being a tour of Himeji Castle. The skill and detail in the design and build were obvious even to those without an engineering background. Other tours to important cultural destinations included the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Miyajima Island and the Peace Museum Memorial at Hiroshima. Visiting the Hiroshima memorial was a moving and sobering experience. The realisation that even today people are still dying as a result of radiation related illness has a particular impact on those entering a health profession.

The welcome to our group by the Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital by the nursing and medical director saw the students treated to a traditional lunch in celebration of Girls Day. Being welcomed with lunch and then an afternoon of health care lectures by the senior management of this wonderful hospital was as interesting as it was humbling.

During our stay Professor Alison Kitson and Professor Paul Yerrell provided lectures to large audiences of enthusiastic academic staff. The challenge of translating the content was taken up by a number of faculty staff for which we were very grateful.


Over a three week period the students grew to appreciate different perspectives and approaches to communication, culture, competency of nursing skills and most importantly an opportunity to reflect on their own development. The final presentation by the students to the faculty staff gave them an opportunity to show off their new found language skills, this was very well received by our hosts.

During the three weeks of our trip we were exposed to many wonderful sights and experiences. Of all our impressions however the most indelible will be the warmth, generosity and care shown to us by the staff and students of Hyogo University of Health Sciences.

Frank Donnelly
Pre-Registration Program Coordinator

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Resthaven Undergraduate Scholarships in Nursing Two scholarships are available to students in their second year of the Bachelor of Nursing program who are undertaking study on a full time basis as a Commonwealth Supported student at the University of Adelaide. These scholarships are available to students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia. [...]

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It’s said that small acts can make a big difference. This is certainly true when it comes to the HESTA Australian Nursing Awards, with each person nominated receiving a certificate of recognition. “This gesture is an important part of the HESTA Australian Nursing Awards,” says HESTA CEO, Anne-Marie Corboy. “Recognition plays a vital role in [...]

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The School of Nursing was co-host to a group of nurses from Myanmar in 2014 as part of a scholarship from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Following this visit the South Australian Orthopaedic Nurses association (SAON) identified a need for orthopaedic nurses from Myanmar to be exposed to the latest practice and research [...]

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Tell us a little about you… My name is Siri Lygum Voldbjerg. I’m a Ph.D.-student from Denmark. I have been so fortunate to be part of the research and teaching environment at The School of Nursing, University of Adelaide as a visiting scholar from November 1st 2014 to January 29th 2015. I work in a [...]

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At the end of rural placement, this is what Dearbhla has to say… For my rural placement I was sent to Keith for three weeks. Arriving in Keith, I was filled with both nerves and excitement – and total shock for the fact that there was only one food store! I had an incredible experience [...]

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At the end of rural placement, this is what we received from Sarah… Dear all, As a current 2nd year student nurse, I recently undertook a rural placement at Peterborough, in the southern Flinders Ranges, approximately 265km from Adelaide. Once a prosperous “hissing, steaming hub of the mighty locomotives”, still reflected prominently throughout the town, [...]

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Whyalla Hospital

At the end of rural placement, this is what Chiqui had to say… I was assigned in Whyalla for the three week rural placement and was very fortunate to be assigned in the same hospital (Whyalla Hospital) as well as accommodation with two of my friends. We met one other nursing student and a podiatrist [...]

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