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At least half of those with an intellectual disability across the world do not have a formal diagnosis. However, thanks to new DNA sequencing technology, along with the expertise and perseverance of University of Adelaide researchers over 45 years, dozens of Australians with intellectual disability now have a name for their condition. The research was […]

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We are pleased to release the Robinson Research Institute’s 2014 Annual Report – click here to view the report. Or you can download it here. This report showcases the brilliant science and clinical research being undertaken across the Robinson Research Institute, and features: Our Research Leaders and their groups – documenting their latest research advances Clinical […]

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University of Adelaide researchers have identified a key sensing molecule that controls the timing of birth. The discovery is expected to generate new therapies to prevent preterm labour. Published today in the journal Endocrinology, the laboratory study found that activation of the TLR4 molecule is a trigger common to both preterm and on-time labour. As […]

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Hemoglobin has been studied extensively in red blood cells – it acts to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide through the body. When it was discovered inside the oocyte it initiated a wave of questions and a new research direction. What role is hemoglobin playing inside the oocyte and what affect does this have on fertility? […]

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An international team, led by a University of Adelaide genetics expert, has made a breakthrough discovery which is expected to help thousands of young girls worldwide who are suffering from a rare yet debilitating form of epilepsy. Professor Jozef Gecz, from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute, was a key player in identifying the […]

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Couples undergoing IVF, where the female partner is 25-41, who have had at least two embryo transfers without implantation, poor embryo development or at least one miscarriage, are able to participate in the BlastGen trial. For more information, contact Fertility SA on 8100 2900. Women who have been struggling to start a family for years […]

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Dr Mitchell Goldsworthy from the Robinson Research Institute’s NeuroPAD group attended the 1st International Brain Stimulation Conference in Singapore. Mitchell presented his research on Combined transcranial alternating current stimulation and cTBS: a novel approach for neuroplasticity induction. This is what Mitchell had to say about his experience: What was a highlight of the conference? The […]

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University of Adelaide researchers have discovered cerebral palsy has an even stronger genetic cause than previously thought, leading them to call for an end to unnecessary caesareans and arbitrary litigation against obstetric staff. In an authoritative review published this month in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, members of the Australian Cerebral Palsy Research […]

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A University of Adelaide study has found asthmatic women who eat a high-fat, high-sugar diet are more likely to have uncontrolled asthma while pregnant. Dr Jessica Grieger from the University’s Robinson Research Institute says diet is important for all women planning to start a family but it’s even more essential for women with asthma. “Asthma […]

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Last night the Institute teamed up with Healthy Development Adelaide to co-host the public forum Peri-conception planning to protect pregnancy & infant health. Chaired by Professor Ray Rodgers, the event featured four fantastic presenters: Professor Claire Roberts: What women can do to optimise their health during pregnancy & that of their baby Associate Professor Rebecca […]

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