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10 BQ – Our big power struggle

One hundred years ago the electricity system hardly existed, with most people reliant on oil lamps, iceboxes, fireplaces and so on.
Industry burned coal on-site to run steam turbines for mechanical power. Mining operations were primitive compared with the extraordinary scale and sophistication of today’s operations.
Dr Francis Clark talks further about how renewables and where we [...]

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10 BQ – Anti-disease weapon

The immune system is our natural and powerful defense mechanism against harmful bacteria and viruses (pathogens).
Amazingly, the body can generate an immune response that is tailored to a particular invading pathogen. It does this by generating biological molecules called antibodies that can recognise unique components of a pathogen and aid their clearance by triggering [...]

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A spider’s secret revealed

Adelaide scientists have solved the biological mystery of a spider that breathes under water. The “diving bell spider” or “water spider” traps air in a dome-shaped web, suspended between aquatic plants, and then stays underwater for long periods of time.
University of Adelaide’s Professor Roger Seymour, with Dr Stefan Hetz from Humboldt University, measured oxygen [...]

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Pine evolved to resist rise of flower power

A new study led by Dr Ed Biffin from the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity, has found the arrival of angiosperms restricted most conifer species to marginal habitats and alpine areas in the northern hemisphere.
However, one distinctively different southern hemisphere family of conifers known as the Podocarpacae (plum pines) was [...]

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YSA Adelaide – FREE Science Communication Series

FREE Public Workshop Series
Young Scientists of Australia (YSA), presents a personal development workshop series with a science based focus. Delve deep into the culmination of science with media, inter-activity and the arts.
Attendance is free but please register at:
Media-ocrisy -Friday July 8th 4pm
University of Adelaide, Rennie Lecture Theatre
Paul Willis – Join the enigmatic director [...]

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