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Faculty of Sciences Researchers develop a barley variety that extends the shelf life of beer

Jason Eglington’s Barley Breeding group from the Faculty of Sciences School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the Waite campus developed the new variety of barley aptly named ‘Charger’ in a three-way partnership with Carlsberg, Heinekin and the University of Adelaide. For brewing companies and indeed beer lovers around the world,  this is BIG NEWS.  [...]

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Welcome to new students from the Executive Dean of Sciences!

You’ve sailed through O’week!  Welcome to the first few days of your time with us at the Faculty of Sciences. This is an exciting and probably uncertain time for you, we understand that and we want to do whatever we can to make you feel at home with us. You are here because you have [...]

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New scholarships to promote wine education

Wine education and research has been given a boost with a new scholarship funded by the Grosset Gaia Fund for University of Adelaide Oenology or Viticulture postgraduate students.
Two new scholarships will be available for students enrolling in a Master of Oenology or Master of Viticulture coursework program at the University of Adelaide. They are worth [...]

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Faculty of Sciences Winners – 3MT 2013

Congratulations to Noby Leong (School of Chemistry and Physics) and Deborah Furst (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences), our two Faculty of Sciences finalists who will represent us at the University of Adelaide Final.
The University’s Final 3MT is held at the National Wine Centre on Tue 10th Sept @ 5.30-7.30pm
Well done guys and good luck!
For [...]

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IPAS Research Showcase – 5 July 2013

The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) is holding a program of science presentations, networking and tours of our facilities.
The event will run from 1130 – 1530 and includes lunch.
All University staff, students and members of the public are invited to attend.

Introduced by IPAS Director Professor Tanya Monro [...]

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New Hope for Tas devils

There is new hope for Tasmanian devils, with a new drug trial showing improvements in facial tumours that have been destroying their population.  Trials by thr Tasmanian government research team using a drug called EBC-46 slowed the groth of tumours in four captive devils in a way that had not been previously possible.  Results of [...]

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3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Faculty of Sciences Final – Tue 20th August 2013

Join us at the 3MT competition, where our Faculty’s students have 3 minutes to offer their best, and most compelling, presentation about their thesis.
All who are interested in attending are encouraged to register as *drinks and nibbles will be provided after the competition; making this a perfect networking occasion.
Time: 6.00 – 7.30pm
Date: Tue 20th August [...]

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Echidna insight into evolution of embryo growth

An international team including University of Adelaide scientists has discovered the molecular change in echidnas enabling both parents to influence the growth of the embryo during pregnancy in mammals.
The authors of this work, published this week in the prestigious journal Science, say this provides insight into the evolution of embryo growth regulation in mammals.
Associate Professor [...]

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Threat to Tasmanian devils may be explained by Ancient genes

Tasmanian devils had low immune gene diversity for hundreds, and possibly thousands, of years before the emergence of Devil Facial Tumour Disease, researchers at the University of Sydney and University of Adelaide have discovered.
“Low immune gene diversity in modern devils has been linked to the spread and devastating impacts of Devil Facial Tumour disease (DFTD),” [...]

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e-Science Issue 2: Out Now!

The new and exciting Issue 2 of e-Science magazine features the science behind everything from chocolate addiction to murder!

How soil science is used to solve criminal investigations
How we can feed the world sustainably
Why junk food is so hard to resist
How hot rocks in the earth can provide energy

Also new are short research bytes on recent [...]

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