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Debate @ The Waite in the City

Australian soils are more fertile now than they’ve ever been
When: Thursday 11 July 2013
Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm – ACST
Book tickets for this event.
Where: The Science Exchange
Please note that this event is FREE, but booking is required.
Our understanding of the soil has changed dramatically over the last 150 years, from ‘ground-up rock’ to a dynamic, living [...]

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10 BQ – Migrating species hot topic

HOW will we conserve species diversity? As the world warms, the geographic ranges occupied by species are shifting and climate changes, how can we help species survive in and migrate across our now fragmented landscapes?
To read more about species migration go to Dr Thomas Prowse ‘s article at the Advertiser < Link >.  Dr Prowse is [...]

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10 BQ – Power to moove us

How can we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels?
Cows passing wind get a hard time for their contribution to climate change, but it’s burping that really expels the troublesome methane they generate.
To read further on how cow manure can help reduce use of carbon-intensive fertilisers, go to Rachel Crees article of the same title:  < [...]

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10 BQ – Our big power struggle

One hundred years ago the electricity system hardly existed, with most people reliant on oil lamps, iceboxes, fireplaces and so on.
Industry burned coal on-site to run steam turbines for mechanical power. Mining operations were primitive compared with the extraordinary scale and sophistication of today’s operations.
Dr Francis Clark talks further about how renewables and where we [...]

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10BQ – Changing climate

BIG Question: Why does climate change? Earth’s climate has always been dynamic and changeable.
Increased global temperatures, altering sea levels and precipitation patterns.
The impacts of global warming will not be the same everywhere. To find out more go to: the latest ‘Can you Believe it?‘ article in The Advertiser.

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Podcast – Dec22nd iPad ELFS Information Night

Listen to 10 minutes of edited highlights from the December 22nd iPad ‘Enhanced Learning for First-Year Sciences’ night.

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Waite Research Institute Launch

Congratulations to the Waite Research Institute on its launch!
If you missed the launch, you can listen to Prof Roger Leigh’s talk via this link.

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Paying their way

David Sly recently interviewed Dr Bob Hill about the Faculty of Sciences’ commercial partnerships. These partnerships have yeilded millions of dollars in research funding for the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide and this in turn has allowed the Faculty to recruit the best of the best from around the world. A few [...]

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