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Do you need an over all aerial photo of North Terrace, Roseworthy, Waite or Nation Wine Center?

The UniSpace Team have complied overall site ‘patchwork quilt’ images from information available from Property Location Browser.   For more information about this online service [click here].

To view these images (both pdf and jpg) use UniSpace Archive and search for:

  • class =                 PHOTOS
  • type =                  AERIAL
  • document title =   property location

(just remember UniSpace Archives uses Internet Explorer)

For more information and updates on Aerial Photos [click here]

aerial photo_WT compiled


aerial photo_RW compiled

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Faculty based Space Charging Contacts receive monthly update reports indicating the changes in their occupancy portfolio.

UniSpace issues documentation about the individual rooms that have changed since the last month. This report communicates the changes or variations to the key space charging variables:

  • School / Branch (Occupant)
  • Room Area
  • Room Category / Type
  • Room Condition

[click here] to access the updated schedule for the distribution of the Space Charge Monthly Variations – Schedule. 

Space Charging Contacts please take note of the dates “for validation’ for when you will be expecting the Space Charge Monthly Variations report.

If you need assistance or more information, please contact the UniSpace Team

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Do you need to find a School or Branch’s location?        Don’t know where your space is on Campus?

You can now find the location of a school or branch on a campus using the “Footprint” button in UniSpace Interactive maps.

  • Select the campus you are investigating
  • Click the “Footprint” button and the pull down menus will appear on the left information panel.
  • From the top pull down menu select the Faculty or Division
  • From the bottom pull down menu select the School or Branch

This will show all the buildings where the School or Branch is located. You can then access the individual floor plans to see the actual rooms the School or Branch occupy.

This functionality will save time and effort locating occupied space. Alternatively, if you need a full report on School or Branch occupancy across multiple campus, then you can use the “School Occupancy” report from the main UniSpace Dashboard.





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Many of you know that Infrastructure has been through a Branch Transformation and PSR process. As a result of the PSR the UniSpace team now sits within the “Customer & Support Services” Portfolio. What does this mean for UniSpace as you know it? UniSpace will continue to deliver information, access and applications, but with a […]

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The UniSpace Team announce the release of UniSpace Archives (powered by DataViewer) in February 2016. The Archive have been running for over 12months, so its time to remind everyone of the features and updates of the self-service application. UniSpace provide this self-service application so users can access documents for themselves based on their specific search criteria and […]

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The UniSpace Team has finished the data collection for the University wide Timetabled Teaching Space Audit. On behalf of Infrastructure, thank you for your patience, assistance and cooperation during the audit last week. During the Audit we achieved the following: 4 Campuses (including AHMS) covered 14 routes covered 53 buildings visited 400 rooms audited each […]

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The UniSpace Team is conducting a University wide Timetabled Teaching Space Audit. The audit of all Syllabus Plus timetabled teaching spaces on NorthTerrace, Roseworthy, Waite and AHMS campuses, will take place between Monday 20th March 2017 and Friday 24th March 2017. Each bookable room will be audited, with students counted every hour between 8am and […]

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The UniSpace Team are taking the Dashboard “ON THE ROAD” in 2017. Do you and your team need: see the Dashboard, the “one stop shop for all Space related information”? to view the UniSpace Applications? access to Apps but dont know which ones suit you? a demonstration on how these products are used? to be […]

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The UniSpace Team are happy to announce enhanced functionality to the UniSpace Applications: UniSpace Interactive Maps Within the Site Plan view: Now includes a Footprint button, this will open a ‘footprint’ panel on the left panel, where users can search for School / Division space in buildings from the site view. Within the Floor Plan […]

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The 2017 Organisational Structure for space charging is now available to view in UniSpace. This captures the following: New Health & Medical Sciences structure Recent changes to School/Branch nomenclature. CTAs have now been broken into two separate groups – those in use, and those that have been closed. A new group for ‘University of Adelaide College […]

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