Qinfeng Shi, Dr

Dr Qinfeng Shi is an ARC DECRA Fellow and a researcher at The Australian Centre for Visual Technologies at the University of Adelaide. He received a PhD in computer science in 2011 at The Australian National University (ANU) after completing Bachelor and Master study in computer science and Technology in 2003 and 2006 at The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU).

His research interests include Machine Learning, Compressive Sensing, Image and Video Analysis; Particularly Structured Learning, Kernel Methods, PAC-Bayes Bounds Analysis and Randomisation based Techniques.

His current research is focused on structured estimation and how it often involves an exponential number of possible labels or configurations. He has previously conducted research in: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images taken from airborne or space platforms, which can have high spatial resolution but are affected by the speckle phenomenon which makes the extraction of useful information a difficult task.

His M.Sc. thesis focused on SAR image denoising, edge detection, and segmentation.

Dr Shi’s University webpages can be found here: Javen’s Webpages

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