Tracking targets in large scale surveillance camera networks (DP1094764)

ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC Discovery Grant valued at $195,000. The CIs are Dr Anthony Dick, Dr Henry Detmold. Dr Philip Torr of Oxford Brookes University in the UK is also a CI.

Surveillance camera networks in public places such as airports and shopping malls may contain thousands of cameras. However, state of the art surveillance software for cross-camera analysis, such as tracking between cameras, only scales to tens of cameras. This project will discover how to construct software that significantly increases this limit, automatically tracking individuals as they move through areas monitored by over 1000 cameras. Using this approach, operators will be able to automatically follow an object or person of interest, without needing to manually search between cameras. This will enable them to investigate events spanning multiple locations and times with far greater speed and convenience than is currently feasible.


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