Image search for simulator content creation (LP100100791)

ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC Linkage Project valued at $300,000. Sydac, a leading Australian Simulation company is the industry partner. The CIs on the project are Prof. Anton van den Hengel and Dr Anthony Dick.

3D content creation represents one of the most labour intensive stages of the process of constructing virtual environments such as simulators and games. In many cases it is possible to capture images or video of the environment to be simulated which may be used to assist the modelling process. This project aims to develop technologies based on search by which such imagery may provide both shape and semantic information to assist in the modelling process. The project builds upon recent developments in bag-of-words methods for image search. Particularly, we propose a novel method by which information latent in the image database may be identified and used to improve generative model underpinning this type of image search.

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