3D User-Created Content in Saarbruecken

Well actually Anton van den Hengel gave a talk at the Max Planck Center for Visual Computing and Communication in Saarbreuken (Germany) about 3D User-Created Content (3DUCC).   Anton was in Saarbrueken visiting the Computer Graphics Department of Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik there, and particularly the group of Dr. Thorsten Thormaehlen.  Thorsten was instrumental in the development of Videotrace while doing a post-doc in Adelaide.

The talk followed the theme being developed on Anton’s blog, that 3DUCC tools are critical to the success of current and future explorations into 3D content delivery.  Effectively the message is that having the content delivery technologies sorted out doesn’t help much if there’s no way to creat the content to send.  The list of 3D systems that have failed to meet their full potential due to the lack of 3DUCC tools continues to grow (VRML, SGI, Google Earth, Second Life, VR Caves, and so many more).    The next big one seems to be 3DTV, which seems bound to follow the same path unless better content creation tools can be developed quickly.

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