Accelerating Australia’s Large Scale Video Surveillance Research Programmes (LE100100235)

ACVT has been awarded an ARC LIEF Grant valued at $280,000 to acquire equipment and infrastructure to support research in large scale video surveillance. The CIs include Prof. Anton van den Hengel, Prof. David Suter, Prof. Mike Brooks, Dr Anthony Dick, Dr Henry Detmold and Dr Chunhua Shen.

This project will construct a world-class video surveillance research facility in Australia and enable Australian researchers to develop the next generation of intelligent video surveillance technologies. It will accelerate Australia’s video surveillance research programs by exploiting technologies, infrastructure and expertise already present, linked by new research infrastructure. By addressing bottlenecks in current surveillance research processes, Australia’s world-leading surveillance researchers will be empowered to tackle large scale surveillance challenges and discover the techniques that will form the basis for tomorrow’s commercial intelligent surveillance systems.

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