Added depth: automated high level image interpretation (DP110103521)

ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC Discovery Grant valued at $240,000. The CIs are Prof. Anton van den Hengel in collaboration with Dr Philip Torr of Oxford-Brookes University and Dr Simon Lucey of CSIRO.

Automated image interpretation has been one of the landmark goals of Artificial Intelligence since its inception. It is only recently, however, that significant progress has been made towards this goal. Current approaches succeed because they reference the enormous volume of imagery and related meta-data available on the Internet. They fail, because this information is fundamentally 2D in nature. By extending current 2D image interpretation methods on the basis of this previously unavailable 3D information we aim to develop technologies capable of interpreting the world through imagery. The outcome will help computers understand images, robots navigate their world, surveillance systems understand what they see and cars avoid pedestrians.

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