Multi-model predictions of ecosystem flux under climate change based on novel genetic and image analysis methods (FS110200051)

ACVT is collaborating with University of Adelaide scientists to develop image analysis methods that can be applied to model biodiversity. Prof. Anton van den Hengel is a CI on the project being led by Prof. Andy Lowe. The ARC has awarded the University of Adelaide a Super-Science Fellowship valued at $556,800 to do this work.

The loss of biodiversity from human modification to ecosystems (including climate change) is accelerating to human society’s own detriment. We will use new genetic and historical photo-point methods to assess rapidly and cost-effectively the diversity and uniqueness of South Australian biota. In support of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, these expansive biodiversity assessment databases will be combined with state-of-the-art projection techniques to ascertain the most realistic future of Australia’s unique and highly threatened biodiversity. The tools we will develop will help determine the best approaches to managing landscapes for biodiversity maintenance while continuing productive human land uses.

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