MSR 3D User-Created Content Seminar

Prof van den Hengel will give a seminar at Microsoft Research in Beijing in July titled “3D User-Created Content”.  The talk describes much of the recent ACVT work in trying to make the generation of 3D content more accessible.  The abstract is

The technology to capture and visualise 3D content was invented before the aeroplane, but despite continuing improvements in the technology it continues to fails to have a significant impact.   The cost of 3D content creation has limited the success of VRML, Google Earth, Second Life, and SGI amongst a  host of others but has proves a fundamental limitation for Augmented Reality.  3D user-created content has the potential to change the way we view information in the same way that 2D user-created content has changed the face of the web, what is missing are the tools.  Interactive image-based modelling has the potential to make a significant contribution towards the development of accessible 3D content creation tools.  The potential impact upon the web, games and 3D TV is significant, but for Augmented Reality it could be the tipping point.


A virtual car interacting with real objects in live video

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