4 ACVT CVPR 2012 Papers Accepted

The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition is one of the top 2 in the field and had an acceptance rate this year of 24%.  4 papers accepted is a great result for the group.

The papers are;

  • Sharing Features in Multi-class Boosting via Group Sparsity, Sakrapee Paisitkriangkrai, Chunhua Shen, Anton van den Hengel
  • Non-sparse Linear Representations for Visual Tracking with Online Reservoir Metric Learning, Xi Li, Chunhua Shen, Qinfeng Shi, Anthony Dick, Anton van den Hengel
  • The Use of On-line Co-training to Reduce the Training Set Size in Pattern Recognition Methods: Application to Left Ventricle Segmentation in Ultrasound, Gustavo Carneiro and Jacinto Nascimento
  • The Random Cluster Model for Robust Geometric Fitting, Trung T. Pham, Tat-Jun Chin, Jin Yu and David Suter
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