Computational infrastructure for machine learning in computer vision (LE130100156)

ACVT has been awarded an ARC LIEF Grant valued at $210,000. The funding will facilitate the acquisition of equipment and infrastructure to support the ACVTs work in Machine Learning. The CIs on the project are Prof. Anton van den Hengel, Prof. Ian Reid, Prof. David Suter, Dr Anthony Dick and Dr Chunhua Shen.

Machine learning is responsible for many recent advances in image-based information analysis, from finding minerals in satellite images, to image-based guidance of autonomous vehicles. This progress is due to new methods for learning from the vast volumes of image-based data that are now available. These images present a great opportunity that is only just beginning to be exploited, as automated image analysis methods still lag far behind the human ability to interpret image information. This project will develop the specific infrastructure required to tackle this problem, allowing Australia researchers to carry out the large-scale image-based machine learning required to achieve automated understanding of the world through images.

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