Distributed Large-scale Optimization Methods in Computer Vision (DE130101775)

Dr Anders Eriksson of the ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC DECRA Fellowship valued at $375,000.

Computer vision concerns itself with understanding the real world through the analysis of images. With the number of images and video available over the internet reaching several billions, and growing, this has begun to revolutionize the field. These formulations often lead to complicated large-scale optimization problems. With the emergence of computing as a service rather than a product, such as cloud computing a whole new direction is opening up for designing optimization algorithms employed to large-scale problems in computer vision. We will in this project focus on developing novel optimization methods for efficiently computing high-quality solutions for a broad class of large-scale computer vision problems in a distributed manner.

Segmentation applied to medical ultrasound images

Large Scale 3D image reconstruction

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