10 papers accepted at CVPR 2013, including 2 oral presentations!

Congratulations to the ACVT and research colleagues who have had 10 papers accepted at this year’s CVPR conference, to be held in Portland, USA in June 2013.

In addition, well done to Peng Wang, Chunhua Shen and Ian Reid who have had oral presentations accepted at this year’s conference.

Below are a list of the accepted papers:

  • Inductive Hashing on Manifolds, Fumin Shen, Chunhua Shen, Qinfeng Shi, Anton van den Hengel, Zhenmin Tang.
  • Learning Compact Binary Codes for Visual Tracking, Xi Li, Chunhua Shen,  Anthony Dick, Anton van den Hengel.
  • Bilinear Programming for Human Activity Recognition with unknown {MRF} graphs, Zhenhua Wang,  Qinfeng Shi, Chunhua Shen, Anton van den Hengel.
  • A Fast Semidefinite Approach to Solving Binary Quadratic Problems, Peng Wang, Chunhua Shen, Anton van den Hengel. (oral presentation)
  • Part-based Visual Tracking with Online Latent Structural Learning, Rui Yao, Qinfeng Shi, Chunhua Shen, Yanning Zhang, Anton van den Hengel.
  • As-Projective-As-Possible Image Stitching with Moving DLT, Julio Zaragoza, Tat-Jun Chin, Michael S. Brown, David Suter.
  • Top-down Segmentation of Non-rigid Visual Objects using Derivative-based Search on Sparse Manifolds, Jacinto Nascimento, Gustavo Carneiro.
  • Fast Convolutional Sparse Coding, Hilton Bristow, Simon Lucey, Anders Eriksson.
  • 3D R Transform on Spatio-Temporal Interest Points for Action Recognition, Chunfeng Yuan, Xi Li , Weiming Hu, Haibing Ling, Steve Maybank.
  • Dense Reconstruction Using 3D Object Shape Priors, A. Dame, V. Prisacariu, C. Y. Ren and I. Reid. (oral presentation)

Well done to all the researchers involved!

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