Online Learning for Large Scale Structured Data in Complex Situation (DP140102270)

ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC Discovery Grant valued at  $380,787. The project will be led by Dr Qinfeng Shi and will include collaboration with Charles Sturt University and the University of Southampton.

Online Learning (OL) is the process of predicting answers for a sequence of questions. OL has enjoyed much attention in recent years due to its natural ability of processing large scale non-structured data and adapting to a changing environment. However, OL has three weaknesses: it does not scale for structured data; it often assumes that all of the data are equally important; it often considers that all of the data are complete and noise-free. These weaknesses limit its utility, because real data such as those that must be analysed in processing social networks, fraud detection do not satisfy the restrictions. The aim of this project is to develop theoretical and practical advances in OL that overcome the existing weaknesses.

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