ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision (CE140100016)

ACVT researchers Prof. Ian Reid, Prof. Anton van den Hengel, Associate Prof. Chunhua Shen and Dr. Gustavo Carneiro are part of a team that has been awarded a prestigious ARC Centre of Excellence in Robotic Vision. The Centre has received $19M of funding and will conduct a 7-year program of research with the following focus areas:

Robust Vision: will develop new sensing technologies and robust algorithms that allow robots to use visual perception in all viewing conditions: night and day, rain or shine, summer or winter, fast moving or static.

Vision and Action:  will create new theory and methods for using image data for control of robotic systems that navigate through space, grasp objects, interact with humans and use motion to assist in seeing.

Semantic Vision: will produce novel learning algorithms that can both detect and recognise a large, and potentially ever increasing, number of object classes from robotically acquired images, with increasing reliability over time.

Algorithms and Architectures: will create novel technologies and techniques to ensure that the algorithms developed across the themes can be run in real-time on robotic systems deployed in large-scale real-world applications.

The Centre is a collaborative effort between the University of Adelaide, Queensland University of Technology, the Australian National University and Monash University.

Robots are vital to Australia’s future prosperity in the face of high relative wages, low or decreasing productivity, and impending labour shortages. However the work and workplaces of our most important industries are unstructured and changeable and current robots are challenged by their inability to quickly, safely and reliably “see” and “understand” what is around them. The Centre’s research will create the fundamental science and technologies that will allow robots to “see” as we do, and overcome the last barrier to the ubiquitous deployment of robots into society for the benefit of all.

ACVT will shortly be advertising several new Post-Doctoral Research positions and Postgraduate study opportunities, funded by the Centre.

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