Postdoctoral Research Fellowship/Senior Postdoctoral Research Leader

We are seeking to fill 2 positions in computer vision, robotic vision, SLAM and machine learning.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

We are seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher who will contribute to priojects in one or more of the following areas: visual SLAM, large-scale object recognition, visual scene understanding, robust statistical methods, scene reconstruction and visual tracking

Senior Postdoctoral Research Leader

We are also seeking a highly motivated senior researcher to help lead a team of several researchers and PhD students investigating large-scale online learning for semantic SLAM and scene understanding. He/she must be a strong team player, and be able to work with the lead investigator (Prof. Ian Reid) to set research directions and objectives for the team.

For further details on these opportunities or to apply, please visit the University’s Careers Webpage

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