Welcome to AdelaideX’s blog!

Welcome to the AdelaideX blog!

AdelaideX is a new open online learning initiative of the University of Adelaide, Australia, in partnership with our technology partner edX. We’re excited to have the opportunity to explore the open learning space in the company of other leading universities of the world, from founding edX partners MITx and Harvardx to our fellow Australian Group of Eight universities UQx and ANUx.

We’re starting this blog so that the AdelaideX academics and course development team can let you know about our activities as we play in — and learn about — the open learning space. An important part of AdelaideX’s remit is to help spread knowledge about the potential power of this technology to enhance teaching and learning, and we’re looking forward to sharing with you some of the creative ways we’re making MOOCs right now. The AdelaideX team will make updates here about our big wins, what we’re proud of and what challenges we met – since making a MOOC can be more of a marathon than a stroll in the park — but like a marathon, it’s arguably more rewarding for the effort it involves.

The University of Adelaide is home to many leading scholars and teachers from all the key academic disciplines and fields of learning. But it’s also deeply engaged in applying that learning to real challenges we find in the world – and we hope to bring something of that explorer’s spirit to what we do in the MOOC space with edX.

To give an idea of what is to come, our first course releases have been developed by our experts from Health Sciences, Law, Computer Sciences, Linguistics and Wine Science, and we are actively developing more courses for 2015 and onward. Take a look at our first five courses, and I hope you will join us at one (or maybe more than one!) of our MOOCs in the future.

Dr Katy McDevitt, Program Manager


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