New Cyberwar MOOC delves into today’s cybersecurity debates

AdelaideX’s newest MOOC — Cyberwar, Surveillance & Security — begins tomorrow, 21 May. The course instructors have been especially busy in the past week or two in the light of recent developments in the Edward Snowden case, and their MOOC offers exclusive interviews with many of the key players and experts informing the fast-moving debate on cybersecurity. You can keep up with the team’s latest posts at the course’s Facebook page.

In a blog post published this week at the edX website, Melissa de Zwart, the lead course instructor and Professor at the University of Adelaide’s School of Law, says:

“Edward Snowden and others have argued that despite the enthusiastic adoption of such programs by governments worldwide, there is no evidence that they make us safer. In permitting the use of such schemes, we run the risk of sacrificing our privacy in an aspect of ‘security theatre’ believing that there is a trade off between individual privacy and national security… The upcoming MOOC Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security (Cyber101x) will address and analyse these issues, looking at the nature of privacy in a global networked environment and addressing the nature of national security risks and needs in the online world. It looks at these issues from a domestic and international perspective and draws upon a vast range of expert observations and a multidisciplinary approach. The message that will emerge from the course is that as a society we need to be better informed and better equipped to engage in the global cybersecurity debate.”

This MOOC is much needed and couldn’t be more timely. If you want to know more about cybersecurity and internet privacy, this is a great way to get expert insights into what’s happening and why it should matter to each of us.

Congratulations to Melissa and to Dale Stephens and Rebecca La Forgia of the University’s School of Law on the imminent release of Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security, and good luck to the more than 11,000 learners (so far) who will be joining them in Week 1!

Read more of Melissa’s blog post at the edX website.

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