Keen to reuse AdelaideX materials in your on-campus course? Here’s how

04162_UoAAdelaideX is committed to enabling educators to reuse the learning materials created through our initiative. We’re excited to see MOOCs being used in on-campus courses at Adelaide, enhancing students’ experience of learning, and inspiring our teaching community to integrate digital and blended modes in their own on-campus activities at the University. In this post, we’ll walk through three easy ways to access AdelaideX course materials to reuse in your on-campus course.

Option 1: Ask students to enrol direct with edX

The easiest way to get students using AdelaideX materials is to encourage them to enrol in a MOOC that you’re intending to use as part of your course or program. They can enrol any time, either in a live course or an archived one – all courses remain available at To do this, simply ask them to create an edX account and enrol in your chosen course – it couldn’t be simpler!

Option 2: Embed content from the AdelaideX Interactives Portal

If you’re looking for ways to reuse some of the custom learning interactions that we’ve created for our MOOCs, you can also get hold of them via the AdelaideX Interactives Portal.

You can login to the Portal and easily grab the materials you need – we have provided embed codes for specific interactives, and there are step-by-step instructions for staff who wish to integrate the materials into a MyUni course.

Get into the Portal here.

Option 3: Find an AdelaideX video at YouTube

Almost all video assets AdelaideX produces are available for free at YouTube and they are licensed to enable you to reuse them (on a Creative Commons ‘Sharealike’ license, which is ideal for educational reuse). At YouTube, simply search for your chosen word or phrase, and add ‘MOOC’, to easily locate AdelaideX assets alongside other relevant videos from open learning programs around the world.

We’d love to hear how you’re using our materials!

Whichever option you take, remember that every learning asset we make is the product of significant effort by the originating teaching staff and by the AdelaideX program team, so we ask users to respect licensing terms and to credit responsibly. Most AdelaideX materials are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) – if there is more specific licensing in place, you will find it signposted in the asset. You may also like to check in with the original course team, who will be happy to hear how you’re planning to use the materials they created.

I urge educators using AdelaideX MOOCs or reusing AdelaideX Interactives in learning and teaching to let us know how you’re using the materials and how your students are benefiting from them. User feedback is an important way for AdelaideX to ensure we continue to support reuse in the best way possible.

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Katy McDevitt, Program Manager


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