AdelaideX Trending Courses: April/May 2018

Interested in producing or recording your own music?

Or maybe learning how to analyse large sets of data?

Or learning some vital business skills to become a successful entrepreneur?

We have courses for you!

Here are some of our most popular courses for April/May 2018:

1. Music Technology Foundations

Learn how to use creative technologies to make your own music and get a step closer to a career in music.

This course will take you through how to apply new technologies to your own creative practice, using freeware and browser based apps. It also features a sonic arts showcase which demonstrates some real world art installations using music technology that have been created by the instructors.

What you will learn:

  • How to produce and record your own music
  • History, theory and practice of music technology
  • Sound, audio, MIDI, effects and sequencing
  • Hands-on practice with music-making using contemporary digital tools

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2. Big Data Analytics

Learn key technologies and techniques, including R and Apache Spark, to analyse large-scale data sets to uncover valuable business information.

This course is taught by an applied mathematician, a statistician and a computer scientist, ensuring that you will gain rounded insight into machine learning and deep learning.

What you will learn:

  • How to develop algorithms for the statistical analysis of big data;
  • Knowledge of big data applications;
  • How to use fundamental principles used in predictive analytics;
  • Evaluate and apply appropriate principles, techniques and theories to large-scale data science problems.

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3. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Learn how to be a successful entrepreneur by understanding how to evaluate business opportunities and ideas.

This course features interviews from industry experts documenting their real world experiences.

What you will learn:

  • Practical tools to evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities based on research of characteristics of exceptional opportunities
  • How to unlock your creativity and innovation to generate entrepreneurial ideas
  • The fundamentals of successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and how entrepreneurs access resources

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Interested in other courses offered by AdelaideX? Check out our full course list here.

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