What is AdelaideX and what are its goals?

AdelaideX is an open learning initiative of the University of Adelaide. Created in 2014 in partnership with technology provider edX, it is designed to broaden and deepen the University’s engagement with powerful open learning technologies, and to explore applications of MOOCs to benefit students and teaching staff on campus and around the world.

AdelaideX is currently developing its range of MOOCs and will publish 6 new courses at edX in 2015.

Where can I find AdelaideX courses?

Please visit the edX website,, to view our latest course releases and to enrol in a MOOC.

What is a MOOC?

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course – that is, a course that is delivered completely online, and made available to learners around the world, for free.

Who can enrol in an AdelaideX MOOC and what certificates are available?

Anybody can study with AdelaideX – our MOOCs are open and free to study, with no formal prerequisites.

Learners who pass a course receive either an Honor Code Certificate (free), or a Verified Certificate (US$50), where edX checks and confirms a learner’s identity upon enrolment. This process is managed by edX and the University does not have access to individual learner accounts with edX.

Does my edX certificate entitle me to credit for my on-campus course? Can I get a formal credential?

No – it is not possible to use your MOOC for credit towards a mainstream course or program of the University. The certificates edX issues are not credentialled by the University at this time.

My on-campus lecturer has asked me to sign up for a MOOC as part of my course. How do I register?

Your lecturer may ask you to sign up at the edX platform and enrol for a specific MOOC. You can do this at

I’m a University staff member interested in developing a MOOC. How can I progress my idea for a new course?

AdelaideX MOOCs are chosen by a selection process led by Professor Pascale Quester, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic), and managed through the Program Manager, AdelaideX.

You are welcome to contact us to explore your idea and to seek advice and support on its development. We will be happy to put you in touch with support elsewhere in the University, if the course is not the right fit for AdelaideX. Contact Katy McDevitt at

Note that MOOCs developed for the edX LMS cannot currently be developed independently of the AdelaideX program and we cannot grant access to the edX LMS for other e-learning projects.

My online course idea doesn’t qualify for development through AdelaideX, but I would like support to develop it. Who should I ask?

Your faculty’s Learning and Teaching team (e.g. Stephen Cole the Elder Fellows) and eLearning Adviser are able to help you identify ways to progress e-learning projects outside AdelaideX, including facilitating use of MyUni for online learning.

I would like to book AdelaideX’s studio and/or video producer. Can I do that?

AdelaideX uses shared University video facilities. We are not able to book video or media production resources on behalf of other e-learning projects.

Advice on booking suitable facilities and support is available through the University’s AV team in Technology Services.

I want to keep up with news from edX and AdelaideX. Can you help?

Our regular bulletin, AdelaideX News, is a great way to keep up with news about the University’s edX partnership and about AdelaideX’s course releases. To subscribe, simply email us using your University email account:

You can find us online at

Look out, too, for occasional events relating to the initiative – we’ll announce them here at the blog from time to time.