Profile: Jany Fong (Malaysia)

Jany Fong

Malaysian national Jany Fong has gained far more than a law degree from the University of Adelaide. Self-confidence, an independent outlook and lifelong friends from different cultures have all emerged from her study experience here.

Name: Jany Fong Chui Nee

University degree details (including year of graduation):

Bachelor of Laws, completed  in 2012

Details of any scholarships awarded:

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholarship. It is a scholarship offered by the Malaysian Public Service.

How did this scholarship assist you in your study?

It allowed me to further pursue my tertiary studies in Australia, allowing my family to  send me overseas for a better education.

What do you hope to achieve, career-wise?

I am interested in working for an innovative law firm that allows me to fully contribute my energy and knowledge to the firm, society and the community.

My ultimate dream is to work for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Malaysia so I can contribute to the community by upholding justice in society.

Why choose University of Adelaide to study?

The first reason is that Adelaide University is among the top eight universities in Australia and has given me a quality education. Apart from the technologies and resources at University that have increased my productivity, I like the city of Adelaide. It is s small and peaceful environment and the people are friendly. University is not only about study, it is also about living, knowing people, communicating with people. It is about growing up and learning to become independent.

 Apart from your academic qualification, how did your experience at the University of Adelaide shape you as a person?

I met so many friends from different countries while studying at the University of Adelaide – friends I will have for life. Australians are really caring and they show respect towards my culture and beliefs. They are always ready to help when I need some assistance, particularly with the language and culture. I respect western culture and I appreciate the kindness and generosity that people have shown me in Adelaide.

Advice to incoming students to gain the most from their time at university

Study is always important but don’t forget to mingle around to reach out to awesome people at university.

Any tips re finding work after graduation?

Try to secure an internship/placement while undertaking your degree. It will help you understand the workforce and expand your networks before graduating. Another tip: always keep regular contact with those people so that they remember you and you know them better.



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