Profile: Zhipeng Ou (China)

Zhipeng Ou

MBA and wine business marketing graduate Zhipeng Ou has the best of both worlds. For the past six years he has worked for Australian company WorleyParsons in their Beijing office, providing professional services to the energy, resource and complex process industries.

In his spare time the 38-year-old is an “off-the-payroll” ambassador for Australian wines, using the knowledge from his University of Adelaide wine marketing diploma to promote Aussie wines in China.

Name: Zhipeng Ou

University degree details:

August 2004, Master of Business Administration

December 2004, Graduate Diploma of Wine Business

What have you been doing since graduation?

  • Working for WorleyParsons China, supporting the company’s brand building and business expansion in China;
  • Demonstrating skills and capabilities learned from academic education and field practices in Australia to a wide audience in China;
  • Serving as an off-payroll record ambassador of Australian wines.

Career highlights:

  • Working as a core team member in business development and setting up a minerals and metals business unit in my employer’s China operation;
  • Upgrading the company’s brand reputation in China through collaboration with social media and communication channels;
  • Strengthening my company’s market leadership position in China by organising widely participated industry forums and workshops;
  • Supplying market and customer intelligence and organising WorleyParsons’ strategy planning in China;
  • Working as the starter and team leader of strategic marketing

Why choose University of Adelaide to study?

  • Multicultural environment
  • Academic reputation
  • Economic efficiency

Apart from your academic qualification, how did your experience at the University of Adelaide shape you as a person?

It has helped me to think, plan, work and live independently and collaborate with and support others where necessary.

Advice to incoming students to gain the most from their time at university

  • Set up practical goals based on available resources in term of academic achievements and life experiences in Australia;
  • Learn knowledge from textbooks, but more importantly learn skills and capabilities from people and practices;
  • Keep a good balance between challenging yourself and compromising

Any tips re finding work after graduation?

Keep your expectations practical and reasonable, and be patient.



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