A prevailing passion for teaching

Max Mastrosavas graduated with a degree in medicine in 1973 but with a passion for the performing arts he went on to teach drama and became well-known in Adelaide theatre circles.

After winning a Greek presidential scholarship in the late 1980s Max traveled to Greece to study. There he found a wealth of contemporary Greek writers, designers, actors and artists and returned to Adelaide enthused about contemporary Greek theatre.

He co-established a Greek/Australian theatre company with a group of friends and went on to become highly regarded in the performing arts for his contributions to theatre direction and design.

Max has taught drama, creative arts and modern Greek at Norwood Morialta Middle School since 1999 and since the 1980s has had periodic lecturing appointments and guest lecturing stints at the University.

In recent years he has shared his experience and passion through guest lectures to pre-service teachers in the University’s School of Education.

Following his October lecture to fourth year students on the global education teaching experience, fourth year student teacher Thomas Bubner remarked that it was, “inspiring to hear from someone so passionate about drama and the teaching profession.”

Max says that it is a rewarding opportunity for him to meet students and sees his responsibility as an ‘education elder’ to impart his perceptions to future teachers.

“These students hold the potential for the future of education,” he says.

“They should ensure that they follow their passions globally and return the joy to their students by embedding their experiences in how and what they teach. Their passion will prevail.”

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