How to be a better employee in less than 2 minutes!

There’s a lot of advice out there about landing your next job. But what if you already like the job you are in? Here are 3 tips to become an even better employee!

  • Become a ‘YES- woman/man’. When you get the opportunity to learn a new skill, receive further training, or a new professional development opportunity arises, jump at it! Developing a new skill set, and an interest in further education, shows that you are an engaged and dedicated employee.
  • Learn to take criticism gracefully. Respond, don’t react. Believe it or not, the first thing you should say when being criticised is ‘thank you’. The person who is criticising you is giving you an opportunity to learn and grow. There’s always room for improvement. It’s time to accept that no one is perfect.
  • Treat everyone at work equally. Get into the habit of always saying hello and goodbye to your colleagues. It seems small, but goes a long way with building rapport! It’s also really important to ensure you treat all co-workers with respect and kindness. And that means everyone who you work with. Don’t buy into office hierarchies. In terms of daily importance in the work place, the office cleaner is arguably the most important; no one wants to work next to yesterday’s garbage!

Take home points:
• Say yes to more training
• Say thank you the next time someone offers you criticism and learn from it
• Respect people at all organisational levels

If you are interested in furthering your education and developing new skills check out the range of post graduate opportunities offered by the University of Adelaide here.

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