Statewide Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Gathering

Written by Linikka Richards

On 10 and 11 of April, YWCA Adelaide welcomed over 100 Aboriginal women from metropolitan and regional South Australia to Wirltu Yarlu at the University of Adelaide for the Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Gathering. As a proud Barngarla woman, I was excited and honoured to be a part of this event.

The two days consisted of various activities such as traditional basket weaving and emu feather crafts, which allowed us to gather as a group and share cultural knowledge between different age and language groups.

As part of the leadership development of the program, we also got to hear from very inspirational Aboriginal women who have progressed through University or other education pathways and now own their own businesses, often in the face of discrimination.

I felt this gathering of Aboriginal Women was very empowering and it taught us that, as Aboriginal woman, we can move forward strong in our family, wellbeing, career and our culture. Always moving forwards, hence the theme “Emus and Kangaroos”, as these animals can not physically walk backwards.

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