Alumnus in focus: Feng Fu 

The University of Adelaide alumnus Feng Fu has worked in asset management for 10 years. He is currently the chief portfolio manager for a hedge fund in Mainland China. He was one of the alumni who attended the Back to Campus event last month.

Feng has a strong bond with the University, that continues to this day. He was a teaching assistant for Quantitative Methods (M) while he was a student and won the Commerce Award for Excellent Tutoring in 2006. He also established the Dream Plus soccer team and remembers his team mates with great fondness.

Feng also established the Feng Fu scholarship for undergraduate students. His inspiration was his daughter and he relished the opportunity to “encourage others girls who are on the pursuit of knowledge.”

“I have great memories from my time at university and they have served to be a great inspiration and motivation for me,” said Feng.

And when asked his advice for alumni seeking a successful career in finance? “Always work in a field that really interests you and when you feel tired, take a rest but don’t quit,” he said.

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