Alumni Council update

In recent months the Alumni Council and the Alumni Relations team have been hard at work developing an updated Alumni Relations strategy and implementation plan.

We have also reviewed the Alumni Council’s Terms of Reference, finalising a number of recommendations that will go to the University Council for approval later in the year.

Expanding the University’s reach to alumni of all ages, living in all parts of the world, has been the primary focus of our discussions and strategy development.

We now have 14 formal alumni networks in Australia and overseas, including our newest – the Young Alumni Network. We are keen to identify as many ways as possible to support and enhance their activities and to strengthen their links with each other and with the greater University community. One exciting initiative is a workshop for networks that we will host later in the year.

We also have been considering ways to engage with what we call our ‘alumni in waiting’ – the students who will become alumni. One idea involves looking at networks that could be formed by keeping student social groups together after graduation.

We are also looking forward to the many reunion and back to campus programs that will see many alumni return to the University to reunite with their former classmates, professors and friends.

To conclude, on behalf of the Alumni Council I would like to congratulate all those alumni who were honoured with awards over the past months, please see page 28 for details.

If you would like to provide feedback or you simply want more information about the Council’s activities, please contact us via the University website:

Louisa Rose
Chair, Alumni Council

Nominate for University Council

Be part of the exciting future of the University of Adelaide by becoming a member of the University Council.

Nominations will open on 2 July for the election of a graduate to the Council of the University of Adelaide for a term of two years from 6 September 2018 to 5 September 2020. The retiring graduate members are Mr Robin Day and Dr Ian Watson AM RFD; both are eligible for re-election.

Nomination forms may be downloaded from the University’s website at or obtained from the office of the Council Secretariat (

Completed forms must reach the Returning Officer, Council Secretariat, The University of Adelaide, SA 5005 before noon on 16 July 2018.


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