Recognising your support

These stories highlight some remarkable occasions where gifts to the University, either individually, or in groups, have made a significant impact on scholarship and research.

They range from the notable Paul Lee bequest, which is supporting developments in the School of Dentistry, to the crowdfunding project where a number of smaller gifts has enabled the University’s water project in Rajasthan to go ahead by mid-2018. The impact of giving has been┬áremarkable in these, and so many other instances. I do hope you enjoy reading about what philanthropy has done for all these worthwhile causes.

Looking now, and to the future, fundraising for major research projects and other developments will continue to be vital to the success of this University. But we are additionally embarking upon an endowment initiative to secure its standing and reputation, in perpetuity. Regular giving from alumni year groups, as part of the class reunion program will accumulate significant ring-fenced endowment for scholarships and research in their own school of study. In aggregate, and over time, this will be transformative for the University as a whole.

Later this year we are also introducing the Board of Benefactors’ Festum, recognising and thanking friends and alumni who have pledged or given $25,000 or more. Membership is effective from the date of pledge, with a timeline of up to 10 years to completion. It carries with it a recognition of your support, with the hope of participation going forward, and an annual celebration of achievements past and future.

Being relatively new to the University, there are a large number of alumni I have not yet met. I am keen to know all our benefactors and to discuss our plans for development and alumni relations, and most particularly to hear your thoughts.

Marek Kwiatkowski
Director of Advancement

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