Ending street homelessness in the inner city

Adelaide could be the first city in Australia to end street homelessness with the Don Dunstan Foundation, the Hutt Street Centre and more than 30 other organisations joining forces on a number of initiatives to tackle the issue.

The Foundation is hosting the upcoming fifth Homelessness Conference which will profile emerging local, national and global trends on housing and homelessness, as well as explore innovative ways the public, community and private sectors can work together to address the problem. The conference will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 8 August and you can book online.

The latest initiative, Connections Week, recently saw more than 200 outreach workers and volunteers head into the city at night to try and connect with every person sleeping rough to get to know them and better understand their needs – 143 people were interviewed through this process.

Connections Week marked the start of the Adelaide Zero Project which is being led by the Don Dunstan Foundation.

First implemented in the USA, the Zero Project aims for ‘functional zero’ – a point when the number of people who are homeless in a city at any point in time, is no greater than the available housing placement rate for that same period.

Adelaide is the first city outside North America to aim for functional zero homelessness.

You too can help fight homelessness by joining the University of Adelaide team for the Hutt Street Centre’s annual Walk a Mile in My Boots fundraising walk on 10 August. Register online and be prepared for an early start!

If you are interested in more information about the Adelaide Zero Project, you can sign up to the Dunstan News to receive regular updates.

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