Rogers’ Lab

Photo of Emeritus Professor George Rogers

Back Row, L-R: Clive McLaughlan, Steven Wilton (Perth), Simon Bawden, Morry Frenkel (Melb), Harry Harding, Graham Cam (Syd), Richard D’Andrea, Anna Koltunow, Barry Powell, Joe Rothnagel (Qld), Phil Morris (Qld), Richard Preslend (USA), Lesley Crocker, Greg Goodall, Emeritus Professor Barry Egan, Tim Sadlon, Rebecca Keogh. 
Front, L-R: Elizabeth Kuczek, Lel Whitbred (ACT), Nanette Hill, Emeritus Prof George Rogers, Joanne Crowe (Germany), Yeesim Goodall.

Did you have a favourite lecturer or professor at University? Well this group of alumni did, and his name is Emeritus Professor George Rogers (pictured in the centre of the hug); and every year, wherever they are in the world, a group of George’s former students and postdocs make every effort to travel back to the University from across the globe to have lunch in December. In fact, George (who is now 91) has supervised so many PhD students he doesn’t quite know how many in total, but one thing is for sure, anyone who went through George’s biochemistry lab has become a member of this legendary alumni family.

Unfortunately this year Lynn Rogers, bio-chemistry lecturer (and George’s wife) couldn’t make it, but you can catch her in the lab in 2019, teaching medical and science students. In fact, she just won the University’s 2018 Student-led teaching award.

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