Alumni in Focus: Patrick Iland OAM, Peter Gago AC, Andrew Caillard MW and Peter Dry.

Award-winning authors of Australian Wine: styles and tastes, people and places Patrick Iland OAM, Peter Gago AC, Andrew Caillard MW and Peter Dry are this month’s Alumni in Focus.

Australian Wine: styles and tastes, people and places takes the reader on a journey from the vineyard to the wine glass with 290 pages of informative text, maps, wine style guides, tasting clues and photographs illustrating the richness, diversity and quality of Australian wine*.

What are your favourite hobbies?
Andrew: Painting (mostly in oils), it’s more of an obsession.
Patrick: Travel. My wife and I have visited every major wine region of the world as well as the Arctic and Antarctica and a few other amazing places. I also follow a range of sports and I am a big rugby union fan.
Peter D: Gardening, Rotary International, lawn bowls, reading, genealogy and travel.

Something you are grateful for?
Andrew: My family and friends.
Patrick: My wife Judith. She has supported me unconditionally throughout my career.
Peter D: The enduring support of my wife Chris and the mentoring of the late Dr Bryan Coombe for most of my career.
Peter G: My parents moving from England with three small children under five-years-old in 1963. My first University degree, compliments of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. My second degree, compliments of my wife Gail. My job for the last three decades, compliments of Penfolds Wines.

The most valuable lesson I have learned…
Andrew: Leadership is about respect and listening to others.
Patrick: To understand the principles of a topic before progressing further. People talk about thinking outside the square but first you need to know what is inside the square. The concept should be to make the square larger. The larger the square, the more room for old and new knowledge and, importantly, for thinking and imagination. Expanding the square allows thinking, imagination and innovation to flow while being mindful to what extent the principles can be challenged. In a few words, “be conscious of the past, thoughtful of the present and imaginative for the future.”
Peter D: Hard work and perseverance will overcome most obstacles.
Peter G: Never stop asking why.

Your biggest career highlight?
Andrew: Making Red Obsession.
Patrick: Being awarded an OAM for services to the wine industry. It means a lot to be acknowledged by the industry that you are involved in.
Peter D: The Maurice O’Shea Award in 2014. This award is described by James Halliday, a fellow recipient, as “…the most significant award anyone in the wine fraternity/industry can achieve in their lifetime.”

How do you relax?
Andrew: I don’t.
Patrick: I usually relax by walking in the late afternoon, but after that, relaxing involves a wine in hand and a nice dinner with Judith.
Peter D: Walking, gardening and reading.

Three words your closest friends would use to describe you?
Andrew: Bloody annoying person.
Patrick: Helpful, imaginative, honest.
Peter G: A quiet achiever (who’s not always quite that quiet).

I cannot get through the day without…
Actually, it’s Chinese green tea, not wine!
Peter G: A cuddle, coffee and chat at home prior.

My mother taught me…
To love Australia.
Patrick: To be honest. She was very strong on not telling lies.
Peter D: To have a strong belief in social justice, a compassion for those less fortunate, and respect for everyone irrespective of gender, race, colour or creed.
Peter G: Keep things simple and real.

* Australian Wine: styles and tastes, people and places was awarded the Wine Communicators of Australia Award for Best Wine Book (Consumer) in 2017.Find out more about the book here. If you wish to order the book, when you write ‘Alumni’ after your name $20 dollars of the sale will go towards the University of Adelaide’s Wine Alumni Network.

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