PET 04 Peking

Public Economic Theory 04 Peking

PET 04 Peking, hosted and organized by the Peking University Guanghua School of Management, in collaboration with APET, will be held at Peking University August 25th-29th, 2004.While the main focus of the conference is on public economics, there will also be presentations in other areas of economic research. Click here for the complete current programme.

Keynote Speakers

Nobel Laureates:

James Heckman James Heckman (University of Chicago)

Dan McFadden Dan McFadden (University of California-Berkley)

James Mirrlees James Mirrlees (University of Cambridge)

Professor Heckman’s lecture will be on

“Credit Constraints, Family Constraints and Optimal Policies to Reduce Inequality and Promote Productivity”

Professor McFadden’s lecture will be on

“Welfare Economics at the Extensive Margin: Giving Gorman Polar Consumers Some Latitude”

Professor Mirrlees’s lecture will be on

“Incentives for Providing Public Goods”


The Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

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 The World Bank
 The University of Warwick
 Vanderbilt University
  The Association for Public Economic Theory

Registration Page

Click here to register for the conference and also for the Friendship Hotel. (For other accommodation, see below.) All participants are requested to register. The registration fee is waived, however, for participants working primarily in mainland Chinese Universities. For your information, you can pay either online by paypal or by cheque, money order, or bank draft. Paypal is an online payment system. (If you already have a paypal account, paypal may expect you to use the same password you previously used.)

You will also be asked your preference for certain souvenirs. If there is sufficient interest, these will provided without charge, at the conference, to those who request them.

If you are not sure whether you have sucessfully registered, please write a note to and we will let you know the status of your registration.

If you have problems using paypal please write a note to Scott Casteel <> with a copy to John Conley <>.

Here is the link to some FAQ’s.


Each room where Parallel Sessions are going to take place, has been equipped with both Power Point and Overhead Projectors.

Attending the Conference

August 25th is the arrival date for the conference. On that day volunteers of PKU will be at the Beijing Airport in order to help people arriving for the conference. In each terminal of the airport there will be “meeting points” with volunteers wearing yellow shirts and rising a banner with “PET Peking04”. On the same day there will be an informal reception/dinner at the Friendship Hotel beginning at 5 pm. With the sponsorship of the University of Warwick and PKU, on August 26th there will be a welcoming dinner in Tingli Hall, a part of the Summer Palace. The conference dinner, sposored by Vanderbilt is on August 27th in the Great Hall of the People. For August 29th, we have planned a day out, with visits to the Great Wall and the Ming Tomb. All presentations will take place from August 26th-28th, inclusive. We are indebted to the Guanghua School of Management of Peking University for making this possible!

The Friendship Hotel, the designated hotel for the conference, is located in west Beijing, about 5km from the conference venue and 15km from the city centre. It has an enclosed garden, gym, swimming pool and restaurants. We have reserved 150 of their best standard rooms from August 25th to August 29th inclusive. We will make your reservation upon receiving your completed registration form. The room rate is US$60 per night including service charges and breakfast for one person. If you would like to arrive before August 25th, please make sure this is clear on your conference registration form.

HERE is the most recent list of individuals who have requested accomodation at the Friendship Hotel. Our partners at PKU will give this to the hotel. You are to simply tell the hotel your name on arrival. Note that unless you have received a grant, you are responsible for the hotel charges (of $60.00 per night, including one breakfast).

We have also reserved a limited number of rooms at the Shangri-La Hotel, about 10km to the conference venue; these are $110.00 (plus a 15% service charge) for a single room including breakfast. If you would like to stay at the Shangri-La, please complete the reservation form and fax it to the hotel. The contact details of the hotel and the room rates are listed on the reservation form.

Note that in China typically a standard room has two single beds. If you would like a double bed, please do indicate this on the registration form above. (We cannot guarantee you will get one at the Friendship, but we will try.)

If you would like accommodation other than the two hotels specified above, you have to make your own arrangements. For your information, we have listed some hotels in Beijing here and a few links for making reservations. Do search other sites for cheaper rates.

Getting around

A complimentary hourly pickup service operating from 9am to 10pm will be available on August 25th to take participants from the Beijing Capital Airport to the Friendship and Shangri-La hotels. Buses between the Friendship Hotel and the conference venue will also be provided during the conference period. If you choose to stay at some other hotel, you will be on your own with respect to transportation. (Taxis are not expensive by European or American standards but still, as we all know, such costs can add up.)

From August 25th, there will be English-speaking Guanghua School of Management students, wearing red T-shirts, strategically located to assist participants in the conference.

Both hotels have concierge services that can be very helpful.

Warwick Dinner, Conference dinner and day trip

The University of Warwick, in collaboration with APET and PKU, is sponsoring a dinner at the Summer Palace, a short drive from the University, on August 26th. The dinner will be held in Tingli Hall, with Imperial Cuisine.

The conference dinner, hosted by Vanderbilt University, will be held in the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square on August 27th. We have also arranged a Day Trip to the Great Wall and the Ming Tomb.

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China

The Forbidden City and the Summer Palace are both easily visited from the University of Beijing.

Travel Information

Please click here to find general information on Chinese Visa.

Information about Chinese Visa from the Chinese Embassy in U.S. are available here.

Local Information

Please click here to find some local information.

The main purposes of the Association for Public Economic Theory (APET) are to promote public economic theory generally and to foster interaction between theorists, applied and empirical researchers in public economics and related fields.

This will be the 5th Internation PET Conference.

The Journal of Public Economic Theory, published by Blackwell, is sponsored by APET.

The Journal of Public Economic Theory has been published since 1999 and is named by CNRS (Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique) as one of the top Journals in its field.

More information on the Journal of Public Economic Theory is available from the Association web page.

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