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Special Issue of JPET

“Game Theoretic and Experimental Approaches to Public Economics” In honor of the works of Jim Andreoni, Ted Bergstrom, Larry Blume, and Hal Varian JPET is planning a special issue to commemorate 30 years since Bergstrom, Blume and Varian’s “ On the private provision of public goods,” and Andreoni’s papers on “Warm glow,”  “Why free ride? […]

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PET 18 Hue

PET 18 Hue, the 19th international Conference of the Association for Public Economic Theory, will be held on June 6th-8th in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam.  Hue is reputed, by both Vietnamese and non-Vitenamese, as being exceptionally beautiful. It is filled with historic and touristic sites.  It is also not expensive and, as those […]

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