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The Association for Public Economic Theory (APET*) is pleased to announce that PET 2020 Montreal will be held July 9th-11th, with a welcome reception on the late afternoon/early evening of July 8th. PET 2020, the 21st international Conference of APET, will be hosted by CIRANO, a research center of the University of Montreal. As usual, submissions in all areas of public economics and related areas are invited.

The keynote speakers will be:

Marcel Boyer, University of Montreal

Akessandro Pavan, Northwestern University

Kathryn Spier, Harvard University

PET 2020 will be held in the Delta Hotel, which is located in the entertainment district of downtown Montreal. There are many restaurants and activities nearby, and the hotel is close to “the mountain” (a hill in a park), one of the attractions of Montreal. An interesting old French old part of the city, with local French restaurants, is within easy reach of the hotel.

The conference website for PET 2020 is now live at; . The website provides practical conference information and a link for paper submission.

The deadline for submissions will be 15 March 2020 online at 

*APET supports the Journal of Public Economic Theory (JPET). APET was founded in 1998 and JPET published its first issue in 1999. PET conferences have become yearly events, with 250 (Hue, Vietnam) to 500 participants (Lisbon, Portugal), and typically about 325 -350 participants.  APET conferences are well-known and attract scholars from around the world.

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